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I’ve recently finished reading Sabbath by Wayne Muller.  One of the things the author talks about is ‘thinnning’ , part of it is looking at how we value things, what we have, what we need, letting go of what we don’t need, etc.   The author also talks about the value of things we give, how we are more wealthy when we can part with things that weigh us down, regardless of monetary value, than when we keep them. 

 I’ve been doing this for a while but I tend to have trouble with things that were a gift or that I think I may use at some point, although I know I probably won’t.  In my effort to do a better job of thinning out, thus having less things to maintain, less things to tie me down, I’m designating Thursdays as Thin Down Thursday.  It will also be the day that I review  my progress to physically thin down and be as healthy as I can.

As it just so happens that the guild is having its annual De-stash Day in March, I am concentrating this week and next week on clearing out any craft related items I don’t need.  I already have quite  a pile of things to take and the camera I’d planned to take has already found a new home. 

So…. this is what I’m doing today,  thinning out while I do other things, work on guild newsletter, update guild blog, set the twist on yarn,  take photos of yarn and fiber for my studio blog. and work on updates… 

My goal is to have a carload of things to take to de-stash day….


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