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Not only have I neglected updating this blog, I’ve also neglected the guild blog and my studio blog. There just wasn’t much time for sitting down to work on updates. I’m working on them now!

Some of the photos posted here were taken with my phone camera as my camera is a bit too large to carry with me at times… those photos are blurry….sorry! Maybe I should ask for a small digital camera for my birthday… hmmm?

May Day signals the start of serious garden work for me. I like to devote as much time as possible to the garden in May so that I can have all the heaviest work before the heat and humidity of summer arrives. Sounds like a plan, right? Unfortunately, spring did not cooperate. Like weather everywhere, we had unseasonable weather, too cold one day, too hot another, too much rain… etc.. A lot of things that normally get done in May did not get done and I’m a bit behind, enough that a veggie garden will not be started, I’m devoting my time to perennial or self seeding plants.   

Guild Meeting happened on May 3rd – because the fellowship hall at the church was being used, we met in one of the smaller rooms upstairs. The room was fine for the number of guild members that showed up, but not many of us considered the fact that we’d have to carry things upstairs…. Better planning if this happens again. Easier to carry drop spindles and knitting up stairs, than spinning wheels, looms and library inventory..

Mother’s Day went well. For the first time in 4 years I got to spend a good part of the day with a special grandson, what more could I ask for?

Bringing in the Sheep happened on May 23rd at the monastery. I’d planned to help, but arrived just as the last of the sheep were going into the barn. I blame my tardiness on the new perennial garden, Chamberlain Acres, that is way to close to my home. I’d stopped to look at what they had and lost track of time. I can see this place is going to be a problem for me, I have a hard time resisting perennials, particularly from a local business. Anyway, last year it took longer to bring in all the sheep so I really thought I’d be there in time to help get the stragglers in. I was teased about my good timing when I arrived.. Oops!

Shearing day at Mt Saviour Monastery



is held on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. This year it was on May 24th. I went to watch for a while and to see if they needed help with skirting, came home with a Scottish Blackface fleece and another fleece that is either a Greyface or BFL fleece. The Scottish Blackface fleece will be used to make a hooked rug. No plans for the other fleece yet…. And no photos of this year’s shearing, I forgot to take my camera. I did take photos last year , there is a link to that post on the Monastery Wool project page  

Mom’s Birthday, May 25th is when I plant special things like Dahlias, in her memory. No Dahlias this year, but I did add a few new things. And as if on cue, the dragonflies have returned, zipping around the garden as I work, constantly reminding me of Mom working alongside me in the garden.

Memorial Day – It felt odd to have this on the 26th when the 31st was actually the next weekend. I normally go to the ceremony that is held at Woodlawn National Cemetery after the parade. This year I stayed home and was surprised to find out that a ceremony and gun salute is also done at the cemetery down the street. How have I missed knowing that?


A Wedding was the perfect way to end the month. On May 31, a special niece was married. The wedding was at St Paul’s Cathedral in Buffalo. The old cathedral is beautiful and large, a perfect place to have a wedding. My niece Tanya had a maid of honor but no bridesmaids, choosing instead to have several teenage boys, including her 3 sons, as part of the wedding party. At the start of the ceremony, each boy presented her with a flower which she used to form her bouquet. As usual there were many smiles and also a few tears, particularly when hugging some of the elderly family members we haven’t see in a long time. My aunt cried when she saw Dad, which got her daughter going, which got my brother-and-sister in law going and they all got me going… Sigh… And as the bride and groom, Tanya and Dennis, walked down the isle after the ceremony, Tanya reached over and pulled Dad out of the pew and had him walk out with them.


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