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Many helpers made it easy to bring in hundreds of sheep for shearing day tomorrow at Mt. Saviour Monastery.



Walking across a field can be difficult when lambs think you are mom. Br Pierre, shepherd at Mt Saviour Monastery with a few lambs.

The Stepping Stones group that meets on Wednesdays has been practicing pausing throughout the day. We are reading together The Music of Silence by Br. David. And I am also reading and sharing excerpts from Seven Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiederkehr.

As part of our sharing we bring in poems, songs, prayers, photos and other things that go with the particular Hour we are studying that week. I also bring in the words to songs we’ll be listening to. We’ll be using these items to create our individual book of hours.

Last week we studied Vigils. I played 3 Vigils song from a CD titled Seven Sacred Pauses. This week we studied Lauds and one of the 3 songs I played is titled Being Awake. This is my favorite of the Lauds songs and it has a nice beat to it. It is the one I listen to at home as the sun rises. My kitchen window faces the east and so I listen to the song on my Kindle as I make or enjoy morning coffee while watching the sun rise.

Normally I am up hours before my husband, but recently he was up early and found me dancing in the kitchen while this song played. He asked what I was doing… I said "Praying"… he said "Oh" as if everyone dances while praying in their kitchen every morning. One good thing about knowing each other since childhood, very little I do surprises him. But, isn’t it a wonderful way to start your morning? Dancing in the kitchen, being awake?

After Lauds in my kitchen this morning, looked out and saw a spot of ruby red. I went out in my pjs and saw that the mystery vine I found and have nurtured is indeed a clematis and different from another nearby that I also nurtured to grow and bloom. Unlike the first one that is purple, this one is ruby red and full of large blooms.

It appears to be a Niobe Clematis, similar to the one I’d had to leave behind when I moved 2 summers ago. Digging it up and moving it would have killed it and so I left it for the new owners to enjoy. While I’ve missed very little of the large home and things we gave away, I’ve mourned leaving behind my gardens. This gift of ruby red blooms reminds me to be awake to all the surprises and gifts that await me every day.

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