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Needing a break from what seemed like never ending subzero temperatures, a week ago I headed for the Philadelphia Flower Show. I enjoyed being surrounded by color and texture and a chance to explore new gardening ideas. Some seeds, tubers and a new garden tool came home with me. Somehow I managed to stay away from any textiles of which there were plenty.

The theme for this year’s show was ‘MOVIES’. I’m not much of a movie goer so I couldn’t appreciate what some of the exhibits but were about, but I still enjoyed the beautiful creations.

A few things I saw …

Hats made using leaves or flowers. I love hats, maybe I’ll make one of these and wear it!

A few other exhibits.

My favorite vendor or booth was one that sold things for use in the garden, statues, benches, pots and more. I loved this statue and the saying on the pedestal.


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