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July was a month full of great joy and great sadness for our family. In the midst of coming together many times to celebrate a wedding anniversary and quite a few birthdays, we also came together to mourn the passing of baby Savior, as a result of a house fire.   Devastating not only because of the loss of this beautiful child but also because of the events after the baby was pulled from the fire by his parents. There has been much pain and sorrow. But there was also some light in tragedy. The coming together of family and friends. The prayers, cards, gifts and donations from the community. All overwhelming.

In August we start the process of healing. And I think I will always see August this way… a time of healing and grace.

It was in this time of grace that I completed the process of becoming an Benedictine Oblate on August 3rd. Surrounded by family and friends and a dozen monks I became an oblate of Mount Saviour Monastery. So now I am known as Eve and also as Sister Hildegard.

I chose Hildegard for many reasons. I find myself often drawn to her. Her visions, her writing. The way she connects Heaven and Earth. Her thoughts on Greening and more.

O greening branch
O greening branch!
You stand in your nobility

Like the rising dawn.
Rejoice now and exult

And deign to free the fools we are.
From our long slavery to evil

And hold out your hand
To raise us up.
– Hildegard of Bingen


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