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I’m getting closer to being done with organizing my new studio space. Today we brought over the last of the supplies from the old studio. I would take a photo but… it is a mess.

While my space may not be done, the kids corner is looking pretty good.

We bought over my father-in-law’s old steamer trunk which he first used for moving and later to keep records for the church he founded and pastored. I’m filling it with old ballet costumes and any type of dress up clothing, jewelry, shoes or other items we find to add to what we found in our attic as we cleaned it out. For now it sits near the bookcase where the grands can play dress up. So far it appears the kids like this space… they immediately go to it when they come over.

Most of the items fit into the bookcase and cupboard on one side of the windows, but we are also using some other things to store toys.. such as the vintage pet carrier which we use as an easily portable toy box, great for blocks and such.

On the shelves we have books (some new, some vintage), toys (some new. some old, some classic) … spinning top, abc blocks, puppets (a gift from an exchange student) teddies, tea set and more.. and board games for everyone… Before nap time today Connor chose ‘The Giving Tree’ out of the collection of books..

I like that they are sharing some of my space with me so I can keep an eye on them when I’m working on projects.

Now on to finish getting my space organized so I can get back to work/play….


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