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Seasons End

Seasons End

Harvesting the last of the produce from the garden is one of the normal signs of transition from Summer to Autumn.

I was able to keep harvesting till just a week ago, covering plants at night until daytime temps were too low to be of much benefit.

This summer’s food and herb garden did not hold much, just a few plants given to me by friends that had little space for extra plants. I’d cleared that space of all plants last fall and so now all that remains is Sage & Chocolate Mint. There are plans to fill that space up again next year, having been able to remove an invasive weed we battled with last year.

The end of growing season, marks the beginning family season, when we spend more time with each other and not rushing around working on outdoor projects, going on trips, enjoying outdoor activities in the community.

This year we have a new Season of another kind. My husband retired last week. He is much younger than most people when they retire, but he is ready to move on, do the things he has not had time for, no more work travel, staying at hotels, lugging a heavy briefcase and laptop everywhere.

He is looking forward to having time to do what he likes to do best, work with his hands, pull out the shopsmith that has been tucked away for years, set it up and put some miles on it. His first project is a large shed that I can use as a potting shed but also as a summer studio facing the garden. I currently use most of the garage with the sheltered patio as my summer studio, once the new building is done that space will be his to use

Another milestone here is not really a personal one, but important to me for many reasons. This Saturday the guild will celebrate it’s first anniversary. We ended the year with 40 members and have been very busy meeting new people, learning new things, participating in demos and other events.. It has been a lot of fun, but also a lot of work.

In order to free up time (my studio work has suffered a bit and so has my writing) make things a little easier and more efficient for everyone, I’ve asked a fellow guild member to take over the discussion/business part of the meeting. I will help, but will have more time to set up workshops, work on the newsletter and guild blog. Saturday I will be doing what I like doing most, teaching the members how to weave using wheat to make small ornaments or favors.


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