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Sis came for visit a couple of weekends ago. While here she had a chance to visit our old house, said she felt sad that she would never visit it again, that she has a lot of good memories of visits there.
We went outside to my old studio and I saw that I hadn’t yet taken the sun face that Sis gave me many years ago and that has had a place in my garden since I received it. From far away it looked like it had a tear on its face, as we got closer we could see it was a small leaf.

I lifted the sun face off the studio building, gave it a hug and brought it here to it’s new home. But, later that week when I was at the house for a final garage sale and clearing out for the new owners, I felt a moment of sadness as I walked through the house and thought about all the wonderful memories shared in that house. I bet I looked a bit tearful like my sun face.


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