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On the day the earth moved in our area I was on a river walk with the grands. We’d been wanting to do this for sometime but something always interfered with our plans. You wouldn’t think it would so hard for us to do these walks since our deck overlooks the river. But it has been a summer of day camps, 4H camps, swimming lessons, summer activities and sometimes just weather conditions or water level not good for walking along the river’s edge.

So, feeling that summer is almost over, one day we set out for our walk. We explored one way down to the river and found it too dangerous for Connor who was wearing only sandals. So we headed to the other end of the street for the usual way down. We were able to get down but then found that the wild flowers growing along the river edge had gotten so tall and dense that we couldn’t get through them dressed as we were without worrying about scratches, bees or where we were walking in the shoes we had on. The photo is of the kids pondering the problem of going for the walk.

Taken with my camera phone and thus it looks small.

And so we got in the car, drove a few blocks to the boat launch. There we were able to walk quite a bit but not all the way to our house from the river. This next photo is of the kids walking along the river.

A few days later, wearing better shoes we attempted the short cut trail and were able to get down with just a little slipping and sliding. We still ran into masses of beautiful wildflowers but were able to get around them.

While we were down there a neighbor came out and yelled down to us asking if we’d felt the earthquake… nope not at all! It seems we were the only ones around that didn’t feel it.

We were spared any damage from the earthquake and later from Hurricane Irene, a relief living so close to the river.

The last photo shows what we were doing when the earth moved. A good time despite disruptions by mother nature by events (and there have been many) we cannot control. During these stressful times my gift to my grandchildren is a bit of peace and quiet, exploring nature.


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