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FOR TODAY (January 26th, 2009)…

Outside my window.

Very cold, has been teeth chattering cold all day.

I am thinking

what to do with the ashes of two of my pets. We still have Dafni’s ashes and today we picked up Yogi’s ashes. Hers came to us in a sort of treasure chest, but his came in a box with a Himalayan type design, very fitting for this breed.

I am thankful for

A caring Vet … and for friends who have shared their thoughts and hugs with us.

From the kitchen

It was mostly leftovers today, healthy eating.

I am wearing

Thick navy blue fleece pants, long sleeve orange/red cotton tee, green thick hand knit sweater. Bright red socks. Nothing matches, but I’m warm.

I am creating

A sweater, knit in one piece using wine colored yarn I spun last year. I spun the yarn too thin for a heavy sweater, finally came up with something that would work for a warm but light weight sweater. The yarn is wool/alpaca and so it will should be warm without being bulky. Being only a little over 5 ft tall, I find lighter weight, finer knit garments more comfortable than heavy one, but they sure do take a bit longer to make.

I am going

I ran out today just long enough to run to the library, now I am going nowhere.

I am reading

Sabbath… Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest by Wayne Muller. A friend has been reading this book and recommended it. I put a hold on it at the library and have just started it.

I am hoping

That we don’t get all the snow that is predicted for this area in the next two days.

I am hearing

House is quiet, everyone working on their own things in other rooms.

Around the house

Some decluttering going on. Some items will go to the pet shelter, some to the thrift shop, some for recycling, etc…

One of my favorite things

A necklace that I have worn for more than 13 years, a cross with little diamonds and a ruby. It was one of the last gifts from Mom before she went to be with her Jehovah.

A few plans for the rest of the week

work on items for a March art exhibit, get things banner and needle felting supplies ready for Saturday’s guild meeting.


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Today we said goodbye to Yogi, lover of treats, toys, and belly rubs. 

He was the dog that taught us:

No matter how much you try to do things right, things can still go wrong. It isn’t your fault.

That no matter how much you try, you can’t fix everything alone.  Only God can do that.

Do the best you can, always… even when no one is looking, especially when no one is looking.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

There is no place like home.


While we will miss Yogi, we are comforted by the knowledge that his is no longer in pain and that he never will have to endure another trip to the Vet clinic or any place away from home, the only place he felt safe.

Several years ago, Yogi lost his two companions  Lila and Dafni and never stopped looking for them, always stopping when let out, looking back to see if they were coming also.   He has now gone on to join them.

Outside my window… It is very sunny, cold.  Bird feeders are empty, need filling.


I am thinking.… about a Vet appointment this afternoon for one of our dogs. He is 13 and has lived 13 years longer than anyone ever expected him to, but now he is suffering. If his pain can’t be eased, we will let him go.

I am thankful for… a Vet that understands that we are trying to do what is best for our dog. And for friends that are dog lovers, because only a dog lover understands how hard it is to know when the time is right to let them go.

From the kitchen… Coffee that I shared with a friend who stopped by to sit and spin a while with me.

I am wearing… Corduroy pants and a hand knit wool sweater.

I am creating… Spinning a blend of wool, alpaca and silk that I put together last year. I want to make a sweater with the yarn.

I am going… Vet’s office.

I am reading… Not much book reading going on, I’ve been leafing through magazines, sorting out ones to get rid of or to use for mixed media work. As I go through the magazines I’m reading some of the articles. Many are on gardening and birds and a nice read on a winter day.

I am hoping… That the Vet can help ease Yogi’s pain, one way or another.

I am hearing… Nothing, the house is eerily quiet. .
Around the house… Books, knitting and dogs around me… all good things.

A few plans for the rest of the week… visit a friend who is home from the hospital. Get some studio work done.

A picture thought to share: One of many heart shaped animal tracks found in our yard


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I like snow and I like cool weather.  I do not like this teeth chattering, unseasonable frigid weather. 

My little snow mountain dogs, aging and pampered have decided that they don’t care for this either. After all, how can you play in the snow when your paws stick to everything?  So, instead they are choosing to sleep away the day, rising only to see if I was willing to share my toast with orange marmalade I picked up at the monastery… All except for 13 year old Yogi who started showing signs of increased pain yesterday… sigh.  We upped his pain medication and have been carrying him up and down stairs and we will see how the weekend goes. Hopefully a return to normal temps will help ease his arthritis.

Mt Saviour Monastery is holding their knitting retreat this weekend, what a time for people to visit here from out of town! I hope they are all keeping warm.  I hope to meet some of them when I go to sunday service tomorrow and visit with them a bit. I just finished knitting a ski/head band using wool from one of the monastery sheep name Poodle, I’m donating the head band to the monastery for their use or to sell in the gift shop and so I’ll take it with me to show the knitters the difference between the millspun yarn like that sold at the monastery from their own sheep and handspun yarn.

Plans for today… hide indoors, work on stranded knitting, maybe some studio work, keep Yogi company.

Alexa Roze

Alexa Roze

Although Mom & Dad are gone, we have many living aunts & uncles (at least 20) and so counting them, this baby is the first of the 5th generation in our family.

Alexa Roze is my nieces first grandchild, was 2 weeks late and delivered by c-section. Mom, Baby … oh and Dad are all doing well.  I can’t wait to go meet this sweetie in person and hold her for a bit.

Today a friend and I went to see a museum exhibit titled Fabric of Survival.  The exhibit was comprised of many fabric collage pieces  by Esther Nisenthal Krinitz. 

While the pieces depict a very sad part of human history, the work is beautiful.  It is very moving. You can read more about this work  and see some of the work at Art & Remembrance.



FOR TODAY (January 5th, 2009)…

Outside my window… It is still dark, cold, still. Holiday lights are still up on some of the homes.

I am thinking.… Tomorrow is Epiphany, Three Kings Day and of plans how to celebrate it. Also, how well the guild Roc Day went. All the vendors had some sales, we had fun competing in the ‘winter games’, enjoyed the delicious food the members brought to share and the guild raised some money with the raffle… I won a couple of prizes for second place in crocheting and in drop spindling, but didn’t do as well in wheel spinning or knitting… funny because although I learned to crochet when I was 8, I rarely do it. And I use my wheel more than my drop spindle… I guess those things we learn first really do stick with us even when we don’t practice them on a regular basis.

I am thankful for… Friends… that take the time to find out how I am, who will sit and share a cup of coffee or a meal with me, play with me, pray for me, laugh with me, occasionally share a tear, who respect me and accept me as I am.

From the kitchen… Coffee brewing. A rich dark blend, a delicious way to start the morning.

I am wearing… Sleepwear. haven’t yet dressed for the day.

I am creating… I’ve just started some socks, using Donegal yarn I dyed using walnuts. I used residual dye and so the color is more caramel than brown.

I am going… Knitting at the book store,, errands, library, hospital visit.

I am reading… Reference books on writing techniques, stitch patterns, mixed media techniques in preparation for an upcoming project wish/bucket list.

I am hoping… For good things in the New Year, a year without family losses and closer family ties.

I am hearing… Star barking, announcing to the world that she is the boss even if she only weighs 10 pounds.
Around the house… Items from the guild Roc Day are not all yet put away.

 A few plans for the rest of the week… get inventory back on shelves in the studio. Start working on photos of inventory for the studio blog. Work on my exhibit projects for the Entangled Fibers exhibit in March at the Elmira Center for the Arts.

A picture thought to share:

Little plaque - prize from guild winter game..

Little plaque - prize from guild winter game..

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Our official party girl Krystal wants to wish you all a Happy New Year. Although, now that I think about it, I guess if she were to say this in the language of her ancestors not ours… It would be in Tibetan.


 Some have seen this photo of Krystal before, but I like it very much and so I’m using it again… Hard to believe that she was still quite the puppy in the photo and now a senior dog. Still, she is as bold and zippy as always and if she were a human would have stayed up all night and greeted the New Year dancing, unlike her owners who chose not to go out on such a blustery night and then being grouchy in the morning becauses she was tired… like in the photo.

No special New Years resolutions here, same wants, wishes and goals as always. Although I do use New Years Day to sort of let go of what isn’t working and move to a better way or just let go of it altogether, not carry baggage into a New Year.

One thing we did last night was watch a movie titled The Bucket List. Although the circumstances are different, the movie reminded me of my ‘writing with a purpose project’ Wishes. I started the project as a way to help my granddaughter with her reading, writing and creativeness and as a way to focus on things I‘d like to experience. With projects like this she has moved up 2 reading levels since Summer, now actually just a little ahead of her class. And we are doing some mixed media work to go with each wish, using things related to our wishes, that taps into her natural talents. We are still collecting things and will be starting our pieces soon… new project for the new year.

Anyway, I searched online to see if by any chance anyone was doing bucket lists (as in things to do before I kick the bucket) and instead found some movie trailers and some info about The Bucket List on Wikipedia. If you scroll down towards the bottom you will see what the movie title is in other languages.

Spanish was my first language and so for me it is Ahora O Nunca (now or never) or Antes De Partir (before we go). I can’t decide which I like best and may replace my wish title with one of those…. Hmmmm

Speaking of wish lists… Last night (or was it this morning?) I dreamt of Holidays past, visiting my grandparents and my birthplace, going door to door, singing and dancing all night in the mild Caribbean breeze… I woke up deciding that I would add that to my wish list… Welcome a New Year on the island.


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