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Been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but as my friend Sue says … I can be doing or I can be writing about doing. I’ve been doing, little time for writing about it. 

The first day of spring we had a dusting of snow, this came after a week of nice spring like weather and it still hasn’t warmed up much. Yesterday my daughter and I took her grey girls for a long walk around the park, exercise for us, obedience training for them.  We were warm as long as we were moving and we were moving.  Weimaraners love to move fast and have lots of energy so doing a few miles with them doesn’t wear them out. They did very well, for the most part ignoring the ducks, geese and seagulls in the park lake, sometimes needing just a little reminder.  Hopefully our next walk/training session will be on a mild sunny day.  

Today I went to the monastery for Sunday service. It was cool and cloudy and its gone downhill from there, with a few scattered snow flurries. A warm up is predicted for the rest of the week. 

Along with regular spring chores such as cleaning out flower beds, putting out new mulch where needed, trimming trees and shrubs,  I like to check all the bird houses, make sure they are clean and in place for new tenents.  I put this one up and within minutes a pair of birds were checking it out and claiming it.   While I have quite a few bird houses, this is a favorite one, partly because it was a gift from a friend and partly because it has a little front stoop.  The bird house resembles a country store and one bird will go inside while the other sits on the stoop.. very cute.

home tweet home

Of couse, the birds aren’t the only ones nesting.  We are working on a little ‘house’ of our own.  We started out with wanting to replace our old metal garden shed. It was too small to hold more than a lawnmower, snowblower, tools and my collection of pots. There was no room to move around in it at all and it was looking old.   The only other storage space for furniture and other garden items was the 3rd bay in the garage, which I use as a summer studio during the warm months. 
So…   Hubby started on a new shed,  with plenty of room to be used for a potting shed.  Somehow the project evolved so that now this will be my potting shed/summer studio and the 3rd bay in the garage will go for large storage and garden tools.
I’ve been taking photos of the project all along and once we are a little further along I will be posting them on my studio blog, here is a sneak peek of the ‘nest’ so far. 
This is what you see when you pull into the driveway, it sits in the corner under the mulberry tree, off to the side and back of the garge.  I told hubby I planned to pain it bright yellow with a red door and purple shutters, He’s hoping I’m not serious.  *G* I’ll let him sweat a little before I tell him what I plan to do.
Here the garden side of it.
Needless to say the herb garden has suffered a lot of damage and  I will start over.  I’m thinking of shutters on the windows and trellis’ on either side.  I’m also thinking of  making that garden larger, centering the bird bath with paths or some maze design around it.  Stuff to ponder. This will be insulated and has good windows and doors so I should get a lot of use out of it for studio work or for when I just want to be alone and with a little heat, I can use it year round.  I have a hired man’s bed that will go in there for sitting, reading, napping.. etc.  Also chairs for visitors… work isn’t all that I’m going to be doing here.
Still to finish, insulation, wiring, lots of paint!
I need to decide what to call this place name for this place.  Right now it is the shed/studio/nest. Ideas welcome.

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