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The Princess Wrap is done!  

I only needed a little bit of my second skein of yarn… for a nice large wrap.   I probably could have gotten away with just one skein of yarn.  It blocked out beautifully!  I’m planning on giving this shawl to a special someone and making another for myself in the Musk color that I have in stock.       While some of the ladies knitting this shawl have had a little trouble with their first lace project, they all love the yarn.   

Princess Wrap 



A glitch in Blogger switching from old to new version has made it impossible for me to post updates on the ‘A Life Overflowing’ blog and so I’m posting my updates here.

In this group we are paired up with another person, round robin style. Partners are to pray for each other, keep in touch and since this exchange has a coffee/tea/drink theme, we are to gift our partner with items we believe they will enjoy based on info they’ve supplied.

The most recent request or assignment is to post photos of our favorite cups.

Here are some of mine ….

A gift from daughter Tina, porcelain with ming style cobalt design, comfortable to hold, nice and big.

A gift from friend Lynn L. If I’m reading, counting stitches, whatever and someone starts talking to me while the cup is close by.. I only need to lift it or point to it and they understand to give me a second to finish counting or reading.

I think there needs to be cups that say. Shhhh.. I’m thinking… or maybe just Shhh I’m _________ and then one can fill in the blank .

A gift to myself… note the little dragonfly and garden theme. A nice stoneware cup for maintaining the temperature of the drink it holds.

A gift from Sis. Just before she gave me this, someone had greeted me saying Feliz Navidad!

Spanish was my first language, but I grew up in the states and so English is my main language now. Sometimes I’ll hear an English word or phrase and not understand it cause I’m listening in Spanish … and the same with Spanish phrases…. does that make sense? *G*

When this person greeted me.. I thought.. what did they say about fleeces? Duh! And then I realized they were wishing me a Merry Christmas.

I live with a pack of Lhasa Apsos and this Lhasa puppy print caught my eye, bought it for my den. Later a friend gave me this cup. When I got the cup I thought, this looks familiar. It wasn’t till I set it on my desk one day that I realized why it looked familiar.. *G*

Yes, I know, it’s not a cup. But you have to have a creamer right? This cute little staffordshire creamer caught my eye because it has dahlias on it and Mom loved Dahlias.

Mom, known to family members as Mamita, also loved roses.

Before she passed she told me she wanted me to have her china cabinet. I spent many hours as a child making sure things in there were dusted. Along with the cabinet I brought home some pieces with roses. The cup on the far left was a gift from Lynn L and it just fits right in.

The tiny little cup in front was one I gave Mamita as a gift. She like miniature things. The saucer says. “I love you, Mom”.

Also in that cabinet are some of Mamita’s art deco cups.. I don’t dare use them for fear they’ll be damaged.

Packed in a box are my grandmother Catatlina’s tiny cups. I didn’t have a place to display them safely and had packed them away and only just remembered that I had them. Now I can put them in the cabinet with the others.

Yesterday I received two pkgs.. one was a trade pkg… a book titled The Knitted Rug. It has lots of nice patterns and ideas for rugs.

The other pkg was my Feet To Prayers pkg from Cary. Inside was a Helen Steiner Rice calendar. I love the quotes and nature scenes. My family will be pleased to see a calendar with something other than a dog theme. *G*

There was also my sock and pattern. Cary mentioned that the colors were not what she asked for when she ordered the yarn, but I really like the colors. I like greens in shades of celery, fern, sage, etc and this has quite a few in there with some soft earthy browns. A perfect match for my chartreuse cabled turtleneck top that for some reason hubby doesn’t like but I do. *ggg* The sock and yarn came in a little bag painted by Cary’s mom… I took the bag to the knitting group last night and the ladies wanted to know where they could get one. It is now my sock knitting bag.

There were a few other things, but I want to point out the card with the photo of pumpkins on it. That card was made by Theresa who will be selling her cards soon. She takes beautiful shots and I look forward to being able to purchase cards from her. I’m framing this one… just gorgeous! Thank you for everything Cary!

A shot of my dining room table. Does anyone else have a table that doesn’t get used for dining? At the moment this table has a little gold wire tree surrounded by little gifts I’ve received, cards, and all sorts of goodies and we keep adding more each day. I don’t know where I’m going to put this all when we have to use the table for dining.

Another pkg from Cary, my Feet To Prayer partner. I opened it to find all these garden and dragonfly related goodies and carefully packed into wonderfully soft Alpaca fiber. Thank you Cary!

This is a round robin type of swap and so the person I had to send something to is someone other than Cary. She should be getting her pkg soon. I hope she likes it !

Here I am!It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to post any blog updates on my blogs … It’s just a busy time of the year with a garden to put to bed for winter, studio work, etc.

This Saturday a group of 6 spinners (including myself) or wannabe spinners met at my house for the first time. We met for 3 hours and we didn’t cover any particular topic this time, mostly just getting to know each other, what we know and want to learn. I had mulled cider in the crockpot, Sue brought some shortbread bars and Vicki brought some brownies. I showed the spinners how I spin on a Great Wheel and using a quill attachment on an my Ashford Elizabeth wheel, Lynn showed them how to use hand cards and spinning on a Louet. We tweaked wheels and talked about various fibers, techniques, etc. Before everyone left, I gave them a quick studio tour. The 3 hours went very quickly. We plan to do this on a regular basis… And maybe I’ll remember to get photos next time.

Monday is when the knitting group meets at Sweet Read coffee shop/book store (Eat a book today!). I took a sock to work on and also my Louet wheel. We had a great turnout with everyone working on various projects. One of the ladies came in wearing political campaign buttons which almost sent me running in the other direction *G* I’ve been bombarded with calls, mail and solicitors lately… enough! I will be glad when today (election day) is over so my phone stops ringing at all hours.

When I got back from the knitting, I received a large envelope in the mail from Cary, my Feet To Prayers sock swap partner. Inside was a pattern for toe up socks. Cary made socks using this pattern with one of my yarns and I really liked it. Will I be able to resist trying the pattern before I finish the sock I’m working on?

Also inside was a pattern for a dog sweater. Now.. I’m not big on dog sweaters. I think very few dogs actually need them. And when a customer contacts me to ask if I can spin yarn from their dog’s hair, to make them a sweater, I have to shake my head. Wouldn’t it just be easier to leave the dog’s hair longer? But, it has happened that occasionally I’ve needed to sweater a dog, usually for a medical reason. And since my dogs have such thick coats, they get overheated wearing anything but light weight cotton. In the past my solution has been to buy a baby onesie in the appropriate size and then put it on them backwards so that their tail can poke out where the onesie snaps at the bottom. *G* Hey.. it works! But, if you forget to unsnap and roll up the onesie when they go out to potty, it is a problem. LOL
So Cary, I thank you and the Lhasas thank you… woof!
My pkg for my FTP swap partner should be in the mail soon. I wanted to include something special that I will be making tomorrow and then it will go in the mail.

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