Sack Hat made from BFL wool from Poodle the sheep

In spring of 2007 a friend invited me to visit the monastery near her home, Mt Saviour Monastery.  The purpose of the visit was to check out their gift shop, but as I was without a church home, I was also curious about the monastery in general.  Once inside the gift shop, I knew I’d found something special, a place to find inspirational books, decorative items, yarn, honey, and much more.  Later, I went back, this time for service at the chapel on Sunday.  Again, knew I’d found something special.

In May 2007 I attended their shearing day  and brought home 2 fleeces, one from a dark Blue Faced Leicester name Poodle, the other a Grey Face fleece.   I’ve decided to make these and any future monastery fleeces my special project fleeces, use some of the wool and yarn for my own use and studio work, and give some of it back to the monastery.

I’ve already done a little bit with the first two fleeces and have taken photos at different times.  I’ll be gathering them and putting them all on this page to show them from fleece to finished items.   The more technical things such as actual photos of washing, sorting, spinning and such will be added to my studio blog.

I hope to get some up close photos of Poodle and some of the other sheep someday, but for now this painting will have to do.


Here are the 2 fleeces spread out on the patio next to my summer studio.  They had been lightly skirted and I skirted them a bit more, removing what I didn’t want.

monastery fleeces 1 & 2

A close up of the lighter color in the BFL (Poodle) fleece… I have actually yet to see this sheep in person, but I understand she looks a dark brown/gray.  You wouldn’t know it by the color of this fleece. I’ve yet to wash the darker sections of the fleece, will be interesting to see how the colors compare.

BFL Poodle Fleece

Here is the lightest color of the fleece after washing… it is much lighter than I thought it would be.

Poodle drying

A close up of the Grey Face

grey face #2

Skeins of yarn from these fleeces …  Since I was going to be tied up for a couple of weeks, I gave these along with a few others, to a guild member who I met on shearing day and who has become a good friend and she will be dropping them off to Bro. Pierre for his use.

You can’t see them very clearly but the top skein is from a Black Face Scottish Sheep (a friend gave me a sample) from the monastery.  I think it would very well for a rug project I have have in mind.      The middle skein is the Blue Face Leicester wool.   The bottom skein is the Grey Face Mule.   It is not as soft as the BFL, but softer than the Black Face.

monastery skeins 1

Needle Felted Project using the Grey Face Wool after washing and carding.

monastery wool bear

Check back for more updates!