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I visit the library weekly, to return books and pick up new ones.   

Often when I am there I see groups of people playing chess or checkers at some of the tables.  What is so interesting about these people as that they don’t seem to be related to each other in any way. Some are very young children, some are very old adults, every race and color imaginable.  I particularly like to watch the very old play with the very young, both players deep in thought.  Occasionally an adult will be quietly coaching a younger player, talking in a whisper so as not to distract another player. 

A little further down is a  giant game of chess set up.   This seems to be a favorite for family with young children, too antsy to sit at a table for long.  Some of the pieces are larger than the very young children and so they love pushing them around.  I often stop and watch from the second floor which overlooks this area.   I took this photo with my phone’s camera so it is  blurry, but you get the idea.  This day a Dad and his daughter were playing with Mom helping the child who appeared to be 8 or 9 years old, not that it appeared she needed much help.  



New tenents in one of  the bird houses have given new meaning to the phrase ‘porch sitting’.   

Normally you think of neighbors sitting out, relaxing and enjoying whatever is going on in the neighborhood.   We have rocking chairs and a porch swing to do just that, but we won’t be using them much for a while, not till the baby birds are grown and we can take the bird houses down.

One of the birdhouses looks like a country store, complete with milk bottles on the porch and a chimney.

Here is  the female sitting on the porch waiting for the male bird to come out.  The photo is blurry, it was taken through a leaded glass window in our front door.

Here  you can see through the blinds that the male is hanging onto the porch swing chain, watching the female and singing away… a bird serenade.  

That’s what the spring flowers are saying.  The daffodils have started to bloom and while a week ago we were dealing with unseasonable weather in the way of snow, today it is unseasonable once again,  my thermometer says it is 81.   The early spring bulbs who like the mild weather, are not happy. 


Here is a photo taken yesterday of the small bed by the garden gate.  Also one of a clump of daffodils in the shade garden where the squirrels thought they’d look good.


And then some taken today…  the same small bed, the same clump of daffodils.


And here are my cherry trees, soon to bloom… I hope.

These photos are of things on our deck, we’d just purchased a new umbrella for the table yesterday… I don’t think we’ll be using it soon!


My biggest concern was for plants already emerging, the cherry trees, and the birdhouses already occupied.   This one is one that Tina made as a little girl in girl scouts.  The weight of the wet snow pulled down some smaller branches of the River Birch and hit the house, but didn’t knock it off.  If there are eggs in there already, it will probably take more than that to chase the birds away.   


I was very pleased to finished both socks at the same time.  I have a feeling I’ll be knitting most of my sock using the 2 socks on 2 needles method, no more 2nd sock syndrome.  The only thing I didn’t like was how the heel skewed the yarn.  I plan to do toe up socks next and then add an afterthought heel after the rest of the sock is done and that way maintain the same color pattern all the way through the sock.


I’ll be updateing my sock knitting notes soon…

The Princess Wrap is done!  

I only needed a little bit of my second skein of yarn… for a nice large wrap.   I probably could have gotten away with just one skein of yarn.  It blocked out beautifully!  I’m planning on giving this shawl to a special someone and making another for myself in the Musk color that I have in stock.       While some of the ladies knitting this shawl have had a little trouble with their first lace project, they all love the yarn.   

Princess Wrap 


My friend Vicki who runs the coffee bar was given this wheel.   What there is of it, is in good condition. The pieces missing can be made or purchased, I’m almost certain.  It is very similar in size and style as my Ashford Elizabeth II and next week I’ll be taking my wheel to compare so that we can figure out if the flyer from my wheel would work on this one, hopefully it will. 

If anyone has any idea about maker or age.. please let me know. 

I’m reading a book titled Eat, Pray, Love.  In this book, the author states that although prayer and mediation differ, they are both methods of communication.  When you talk to or with God, you are praying, while listening to God is meditating. 

I’m not sure I agree totally, but it got me to thinking about which I tend to do most often., talk to God, or listen to God.   I think I tend to listen to God, but is that the same as actually hearing God?  

As my sweet friend Pamela would say… stuff to ponder.   

For some time I have been suffering from ‘second sock syndrome’.  Those of you who are sock knitters are probably very familiar with this problem. 

I have always knit my socks on double point needles, but after having to replace needles countless times due to breakage, pets using them as toothpicks, or losing them, and since I needed some size 1 circulars for another project, I decided to try using 2 circulars to knit 2 socks at the same time.

I hadn’t tried this before and didn’t have instructions for doing 2 socks at the same time, but I understood the concept.  Or so I thought.   You cast on your stitches and then divide, placing half the stitches on each of the needles.   Right?

I cast on for the first sock and then cast on for the second one, realized it was a little more complicated when adding the second sock.  It was close to 9pm and rather than leave it for another day and determined to start the first couple of rows of my socks, I cast on the stitches unto a straight needle and then moved the stitches onto the 2 circulars.  For my next pair, I’ll take the time to figure out how to cast on and divide for 2 socks, but for now, this worked.

My progress so far.  I find it an easy way to knit socks and the only problem so far was when I was chatting and knitting and forgot to switch yarns, knitting the socks together. 

I realized after taking the photo, that it might be a bit confusing.  The socks are on top of a curio table with handmade Easter eggs under the glass and with a little lamb keeping an eye on things.

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