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Whatever happened to Spring? It seems we skipped altogether and went from Winter to Summer.

May 1st found me at the Maryland Sheep and wool Festival where temps soared close to 100. My friend and I had planned on staying all day but by noon we were had enough of the heat and crowds. Although we left early, we managed to get in some shopping. I came home with a woven rug, a necklace and some tools. Despite the heat, we enjoyed the rest of the weekend having visited Ellicott City on Friday and then Inner Harbor on Sunday. On the way home on Monday I picked up some tiny terrarium plants and a black slipper orchid which is living happily next to a white orchid and ready to bloom.

Now at the end of the May I am feeling the heat once again. Yesterday was tolerable, today we are creeping through the 90’s and it is very muggy. I watered potted plants, scrubbed and filled the bird baths and now hiding indoors.

Photos are of some plants in blue pots in the shade, a few photos of the festival, and one of a grandson keeping cool yesterday.


A blog update for those that read my blog and who have been nudging me to see if I’m alive.

It used to be that April meant rain showers and the start of spring blooms and garden work. In the last few years, along with all of that April has also meant spring lambs, the start of shearing season and more community involvement. This year also brings a pending move and 2 ailing elderly dogs.

Early in April I went with several guild members to Rebel Acres Farm to help Patty with shearing day. She had a new shearer and helper and they were done very quickly. Those of us skirting the fleeces took a little bit longer to get the job done but we were all pretty much finished by noon. You can see photos on the guild blog Chemung Valley Fiber Arts Guild.

I attended Easter week services at Mount Saviour Monastery. On Sunday the service started at 5am. It was the first year I was up early enough to go. I guess something positive came from my sleep issues.. I felt truly blessed by the service and breakfast afterwards.

Friends of the Monastery held a series of lectures… I was able to attend each of the lectures, enjoyed each one and learned a lot on a variety of topics including ‘Listening to God and One Another", Compassion & Hospitality and more..

New lambs started arriving at Mt Saviour in mid April. Several times I took a grandchild to see the new lambs. During one visit Br. Pierre let Connor help feed some of the bottle lambs. Connor who is 4 informed Br. Pierre and I that his mommy had given him permission to take a lamb home and keep it in his bedroom. He said this with such a sweet face that I couldn’t help but smile. I tried to take photos of him with the lambs but the camera phone doesn’t take good photos of subjects in motion.

I noticed a while back that our 10 year old dog Tara had a bit of a pot belly although she was looking thinner overall. A trip to the Vet confirmed that she has a large mass growing in her stomach and small ones in her intestines. We decided against surgery and will care for her as best as we can. Then recently we had a lump removed from Gizzy our 12 year old dog and a biopsy showed cancer cells. We are hoping all of it was removed and will not be doing any type of chemo.. time will tell. So, much of my time lately is spent caring for ailing dogs who can’t or won’t go up or down stairs. Mornings seem to be the hardest.

In late April, we found a home we liked. We have been looking for a project house for some time, something easier to maintain after the initial work and with the main rooms on 1 floor. We put in an offer and it was accepted. Although we are looking forward to this change, we are faced with the challenge of moving from a home with 4 floors, a 3 bay garage and garden studio to a home with 2 floors and a 1 bay garage. The garden area in the new home will be smaller & simpler unlike my many flower beds here. I’ve started tagging plants deciding what I want to take with me.. dye plants and edible plants are at the top of the list. Plants I can’t replace are being tagged also.

On top of the smaller size lot and less buildings, the back of the house overlooks a river and has a steep slope with wild things growing, so it will raise some unique gardening challenges if we choose to use that area for some reason… hiking maybe? One thing for sure, we will be busy! Although it will mean a lot work initially, I am looking forward to sorting out the house and weeding out what I no longer need or use. My studio in the new place will be on the second floor with large windows looking out towards the river, as with the rest of the house and garden, I’m having to choose what to take and what I no longer need.

Of course, this all comes just when I’ve injured my back and hip. I’ve been working on strengthening my back and it seems to be helping.

Studio work is on hold, except for a few things involving the guild.

The garden is full of growing, thriving plants, many blooms… I’m going to miss it!

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