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Some new things at a park where I like to walk. I understand there are 5 of these dragons even though I saw only 2, all are actually large paddle boats.

Other attractions at the park.. lake/pond for fishing, very large and fast carousel, a boat named Jasper, skate board park, Banquet Hall used for weddings, etc., arcade, sports field, walking paths and more..

Along with a lot of other things, tracks and a train will be added in the future.

dragons in the lake 2


This is garage sale weekend for us. We started setting up at about 7:30 and before 9am the skies opened up and it started to pour… Good thing we have a large enough garage to be able to set up in. The rain stopped an hour later and we were able to pull things out again. I took a photo as we were setting up and that was only a little of what we had to sell. Our sale continues tomorrow!

While pulling out things for the sale, I found a toy guitar belonging to an older grandchild. A younger grandchild saw the guitar, grabbed it and declared himself a rock star while playing and nodding his head to the beat of the music… shown is a photo of our rock star..

May was a busy month for us, but somehow we managed to get most of our garden work done by the end of the month. Now we mainly have to keep things watered, weeded and occasionally divide plants and transplant or give away our extras.

Shown are some of the things thriving in the garden..

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