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Be still and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10

Two weeks ago I shared a photo lectio with my Stepping Stones group that meets at Mount Saviour Monastery. The photo was of a Giant White Egret along with the scripture above. I chose it mainly because I’d had weeks of busy-ness and little time for being still. The photo and scripture called to me.

The next day I said goodbye (for now) to my sweet 14 year old dog, Gizzy. Gizzy was a delightful companion, lover of everyone, therapy dog for more than 10 years. But he was no longer able to process the little he could see or hear and lately was just completely lost and afraid. We all missed his greetings at the door and companionship, it was time to let him go. I held him in my lap as he went to sleep.

I was sitting on my window seat the next morning, missing him and remembering all the things I’d learned from that little dog, the most important I think is that everyone deserves to be loved, no matter who they are. Just then I noticed a Giant White Egret in amongst the Great Blue Herons that we see here daily. I remembered the photo lectio and smiled. The sight of the Egret brought me comfort.

Days later I received a card from friends and on the front was a little dog walking away, alone. I was totally unglued by the sight of the little dog. Gizzy never liked to be alone without me or other person. He would wait by the door for hours at a time when he thought no one was home because he couldn’t hear or see if there was.

I received an email from Heron Dance a short while later and in it was a gorgeous painting of a Giant White Egret. It reminded me again…. be still and know. And reminded me that my sweet companion is no longer confused and afraid of what he doesn’t understand. The Giant White stayed with us for a week, gracing us with its beauty.


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