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Here are the photos you couldn’t see in my email. You can see the edges of the tree skirts made from round tablecloths. So check out those after Christmas sales!

The cute puppy under the tree is Tara as a pup and then as a young adult. She is 6 years old now and generally known as Tara the twirp or Tara the terror. She works hard to live up to those names. I should have known such serious eyes on a puppy meant trouble. *G*

For some reason known only to her, yesterday Tara’s half and older sister Krystal aka ‘Diva’ aka ‘The Princess’ decided after all these years to see if the crocheted skirt tasted good. I caught her before she did a lot of damage…… grrrrrrrrrrr!

How did this go from being about tree skirts to griping about dogs?


Merry Christmas!

I enjoyed reading Pamela’s blog post where she shows some of her ornaments and memories attached to them. I felt as if I’d stopped in for a visit even though she lives ‘across the pond’.

This is our tree this year. We placed it where it could be seen from both sides of the house and I like it there. I can enjoy it all day long. The second photo was taken this morning when I was the only one up and enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen island. The photo is a bit blurry, but you get the idea of how it looks with just the tree lights on.

Normally we put old toys under the tree instead of gifts, things like trucks, baby dolls, etc. Most of these toys aren’t safe for very young children and with 2 grandchildren under the age of 2, we decided to leave the toys out this year and the gifts in place so the kids couldn’t easily reach all the ornaments.

Our Tree Topper.. We’ve had this for quite some time and every year it’s getting harder to keep her upright, but I like having both a star and angel at the top of the tree.

Another angel, this one from when I collected porcelain dolls and learned how to make them. A couple of older and smaller angels can be seen, one a beaded angel and another made of porcelain. And a jointed teddy for all of Eve’s Bears made for more than 20 years. Hubby likes Norman Rockwell things and so there is an ornament behind the teddy with an Rockwell theme.

When the children were little we made ornaments every year. One year we made the folk style Santas from aluminum foil, paper clips, papier mache and paint. Another year we made lots of peppermint candy. The drummer boy in the photo is part of an older Avon metal 12 days of Christmas ornament set. The kids like to look for each one of the ornaments on the tree.

Tina made this ornament in grade school and you can see another peppermint ornament.

The little stork ornament was given to Tina as a baby and the ballet bear was from her ballet days

For the year Tina performed in the Nutcracker. As you may have guessed, she like ornaments more than the other kids.

Mom has been gone 11 years now, but on my tree hangs a little doll made from one of her hankies. It reminds me of how much she loved flowers.

A spider because I like buggy stuff and because I like the story of the Christmas Spider

Another just because I like it.

Each year I like to add a new ornament to replace one that has broken, been given away or become so fragile that it can’t go up on the tree. Last year I was given this one.

And this year’s new ornament from Pamela, a Cicada bug tiny bag.. adorable!

Since trees in our house have been known to be wiped out by kids or dogs getting just a little too frisky, we keep our very favorite and fragile decorations in a curio cabinet and not on the tree..

A gift from a friend… a carved santa holding an Eve’s Bear.

Tree decorated with glass beads Tina made. Blown glass ornaments made by family membersat a local studio. Mr snowman there now has a girlfriend and living happily ever after.

And little snowbabies made by a local doll maker. Connor has been checking these out and trying to figure out how to open the cabinet… uh oh.. There remind of playing in the snow, something we may get to do soon as snow is predicted for tonight.

This year I refused to work on last minute handmade Christmas gifts. I wanted to spend more time enjoying the moments and less being stressed about getting things done. Instead I worked on projects throughout the year and gave them as birthday gifts or saved them till Christmas.

So, why did I find myself spending most of yesterday helping daughter Tina with a gift for her mother-in-law? *G*

Here is the completed project, a quilt. This is Tina’s first large quilt and I think she did very well picking out the fabric. She chose some because the print tells something about Miki and others because of the colors.

Not all the fabrics are new. When Tina was 8 years old, we worked on a quilt together, a pinwheel quilt that she still has. I’d saved the extra fabric in case of repairs and simply because I don’t throw things away if I have a place to store them for later use. The fabric in the lower left hand corner is one of those fabrics, little pink flowers on light background. Tina and I hand pieced every single bit of her quilt and so it was definitely a labor of love. Now with some of the same fabric, she has created a labor a love for Miki.

While many are running around shopping and trying to finish last minutes projects…. I am walking around…

We have been blessed with unseasonably warm and sunny days for December (we won’t talk about the nights..brrrr) and so my old walking buddy (Hi Pat!) and I have started walking as we used to.

Recently we walked in a nearby park that was once a local amusement park and I took some photos. As you can see we are surrounded by hills, one of the things I like about living here, no matter where you are, you can see a hill in the distance.

There are lots of Canadian Geese in this pond and one of them is a one legged goose. It seems to get around just fine, a little awkward on land, but very graceful in the water and air.

Some shots of the carousel building that is being restored. You can see the pond in the reflection on the glass.

I read somewhere that this carousel was the largest and fastest in the world, don’t know if it is fact or fiction, but I do know that it is beautiful and being lovingly restored. Unfortunately the buildings that housed the other amusement rides have been removed. Maybe someday those rides will be back!

Yesterday I received two pkgs.. one was a trade pkg… a book titled The Knitted Rug. It has lots of nice patterns and ideas for rugs.

The other pkg was my Feet To Prayers pkg from Cary. Inside was a Helen Steiner Rice calendar. I love the quotes and nature scenes. My family will be pleased to see a calendar with something other than a dog theme. *G*

There was also my sock and pattern. Cary mentioned that the colors were not what she asked for when she ordered the yarn, but I really like the colors. I like greens in shades of celery, fern, sage, etc and this has quite a few in there with some soft earthy browns. A perfect match for my chartreuse cabled turtleneck top that for some reason hubby doesn’t like but I do. *ggg* The sock and yarn came in a little bag painted by Cary’s mom… I took the bag to the knitting group last night and the ladies wanted to know where they could get one. It is now my sock knitting bag.

There were a few other things, but I want to point out the card with the photo of pumpkins on it. That card was made by Theresa who will be selling her cards soon. She takes beautiful shots and I look forward to being able to purchase cards from her. I’m framing this one… just gorgeous! Thank you for everything Cary!

A shot of my dining room table. Does anyone else have a table that doesn’t get used for dining? At the moment this table has a little gold wire tree surrounded by little gifts I’ve received, cards, and all sorts of goodies and we keep adding more each day. I don’t know where I’m going to put this all when we have to use the table for dining.

I mentioned a while back that grandson Connor got his first haircut. Since then several people have asked for photos of what he looks like now. So while he was here yesterday and playing in the yard, I snapped some photos. The haircut seems to have transformed him from a baby to a little boy.

An earlier photo of Connor showing how I’d hoped he’d have his hair cut. And then a more recent one showing how long it gotten, actually it was a bit longer than this and getting a little wild.

And now the little boy, cute even with a banged up face, all boy at 17 months. His hair is just barely long enough to curl on top a little, but I bet it will grow quickly. Connor is not at all happy with the baby swing, does not want to use it, but seems to think the glider is kind of cool!

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