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Every morning at breakfast I feed my granddaughter a little something extra to go with her food. It may be a prayer, a proverb, poem, thought, word.. etc… something for her to carry with her all day. At the beginning of the month we talked about the saying " In like a lion, out like a lamb" and how it applies to more than just weather.

She is very interested in photography and so to go along with the saying "In like a lion, out like a lamb" we have been taking photos of the view from our deck and windows throughout the month, hoping to capture the change from Winter to Spring.

Although we did have a few days of Spring weather, it doesn’t look like we will have many photos of ‘lamb’ weather as we have also had several storms this month with much snow. With occasional days of heavy rain and milder temps, it seems when we aren’t walking through snow, we are walking through mud and slushy puddles. The bottom of our driveway has taken on the look of a small pond lately.

As a gardener I am just as anxious for Spring to come as my granddaughter is. She is looking forward to being able to ride her bike and play outdoors. I’m looking forward to starting a new garden and for temps warm enough to wash sheep fleeces outdoors. Meanwhile we continue to take photos through the month of March.

Fortunately we have indoor blooms and things to do to make the waiting for warm weather a little easier.


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