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That is the nickname my friend Lynn gave me when I did a ‘slipped on a banana skin’  type spill on the stairs a couple of months ago.   At the time I was carrying something in my hands and didn’t see a dog toy on the stairs.  I was pretty bruised from that fall but didn’t do any major damage that I know of..  Of course it didn’t help my already injured shoulder.

I did it again a couple of days ago.  This time I looked before I went down the stairs but didn’t see the dog toy.  And again was carrying something so I didn’t catch myself in time.  I did manage to break my fall rather than tumble..  resulting in little bruising but an aching back and neck…  I suspect I’ll live…

Curious as to the number of dog toys we have in the house I went around counting them.  I found some in the den, some under the dining room table, a couple by the window seat, some on the living room, a couple on the stairs landing, more in my studio …..  a total of 31 dog toys in all.   This does not include toys in a toy box that have been given as gifts or for very young pups, but not suitable for my guys or for supervised play.  And it does not include toys that I’ve recently tossed in the trash.    

As I counted, I picked up some of the toys and put them away, others I tossed in the trash, much to Yogi’s dismay.. he followed me around whining.   He is the one collecting the toys and leaving them on the stairs and yesterday he quickly learned that toys left on the stairs disappear.  By the end of the day he had his two remaining toys tucked in his bed.  Of course Yogi does not shop for his own toys… TM (the man) is his toy pusher..  I had a talk with TM about the number of toys we have. 

Yogi a few years back in a particularly short cut that left him shivering, thus the sweater.  That sweater lasted about an hour on him before he found a way to take it off.  Due to all the eye trauma as a puppy, toys are a sort of pacifier for him. 

And here is Yogi’s favorite place to hang out… the landing on the stairs to my studio… the floor is cool and he can prop himself up against the wall to sleep in his preferred position.. on his back.  Poor old fellow is just going to have to learn to sleep without a woobie.. 



Yesterday we woke to find  everything covered in snow making it look like Christmas rather than fall, just days before Thanksgiving.  

As can be seen in some of the photos, many of the trees and shrubs were still covered with leaves.  The very wet and heavy snow on the leaves brought some limbs (not ours) to the breaking point, while the limbs on some trees were bent so low that it seemed you could touch them while walking or driving near them.    I drove through one such street  in the morning and it was a bit scary driving under trees and power limbs so low.   By the time I returned home around noon, most of the snow has fallen from the trees and melting.  It was very pretty while it lasted.

 From my front porch,  I love the contrast of fall colors and the snow.

Close up…  Those are the same shrubs seen in the photo of Krystal as a pup.  They were practically stick when we planted them and they have really gotten quite large over the years, always give us great color in fall.

From the porch looking the other way…  If you look closely you can see the headlights of a car belonging to an emergency crew working on power or cable lines down the street.  As I was taking the photo I could hear cracking and popping, the sound of  tree limbs giving way under the weight of snow.  After I took the photo I noticed that all the trees looked out of proportion, narrow because of the drooping branches..

The  River Birch has dropped most of its leaves, but the pink/grey peeling bark makes it a nice tree for winter interest.  Covered in snow, it blended in with all the other trees. It is amazing to see how far the younger limbs on this tree can bend. 

Today… all the snow is gone and it is rainy…  yuck! 

I got word Friday evening that some of my fibers were ready to be picked up.  Since it was a long weekend, on Saturday morning we took off for the 3 hour drive to pick up what was ready, leaving the rest to be picked up another day.  

The weather was pretty gloomy and as we passed from one town to another we could see snow on the tree tops in some areas, it rained in other areas and was sunny in others, very typical when you live in hills and valleys.   It is interesting to see that there was still a lot of bright fall color on some trees as we got to the southern part of PA, of course I forgot to take my camera.

The drive was thankfully uneventful, we stayed at the mill for a little while, then ate lunch at a nice restaurant and than headed home with 10 large bags of fibers.    Two bags belonged to a friend,  one of my bags was a long wool that I never got around to washing this summer and that will be used for dyeing and blends, another was a beautiful charcoal Corridale/Romney that I washed last year and that wants to be something special, I’ll be keeping some of that for myself.  Another is a white Romney, the whitest wool I’ve ever seen. 

The last 5 bags were blends of fibers I’ve had ready to card for almost a year now.   I finally faced the fact my shoulder had not healed enough for me to catch up with blending projects and so off they went to the mill.   They were blended perfectly and my sample skeins from the blends are just what I hoped for. 

I’ve listed the blends on my studio blog, will be adding some naturally colored fibers as well.  Once I’ve got my studio blog updated I’ll be working on hand painted silk projects. 

While I miss nice summer weather and puttering in the garden, I’m glad to finally have some studio time again.   

Krystal 4 monthsKrystal 4 months 

 Someone forgot to tell the dogs that the humans have once again messed with the time. They want to go out at 5am instead of 6am. As a result I am getting about 1 hour less sleep each day and developing a serious case of foggy brain…. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I am falling a little behind on things I need to get done, but they will get done. I’ve found it usually takes my ‘watch’ dogs about 2 weeks to fully adjust to setting clocks forward or back, I’m looking forward to more sleep…

Thankfully, the first guild meeting at Emstar was before the time change. As ’Great Wheel’ for the guild, I needed to be able to get through guild business quickly so we could have lots of time to socialize.

We held our meeting Saturday, had a good turnout, shared ideas, projects and some goodies. We all like the building and I think it went well! I’ve posted more about the guild meeting on the guild blog… link in the sidebar…

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