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While sitting at the table in the new garden shop/shed/whatever,  I looked up to see what at first appeared to be a blizzard.  With unusually warm temps, in the 80’s, snow wasn’t possible.

Knowing  what it was, I went out to be closer to the cherry trees so I could experience the showers of blossoms with every gust of wind.  Some friends and family will sometimes comment that I see things as a child would see them.  When the cherry trees are in bloom, is one of those times when I feel like a child who is seeing this for the first time.  I am in awe of the beauty, will sit or stand under them to gaze up at the blossoms and love to experience the blossom showers. I noticed neighbors will also stop to enjoy the trees.  In fact some have told me that they look for to the trees blooming each spring and if they happen to be walking or driving by when they are raining blossoms, they will stop and experience the showers.

Photos taken yesterday…

The first is of the small Weeping Cherry tree.  It is still relatively young and so not yet very big nor dense, but it has the most beautiful pink blossoms.  I’ll be picking, pressing, and drying some of the blooms today.


Under the Yoshino Cherry trees. These are the types of trees you see in D.C.  The blossoms are a little paler than those of the weeping cherry, but just as pretty and the trees themselves are beautiful with that layered branch way of growing.   I’ll be cutting some small branches and taking them to a friend in the infirmary.  Last year she came over often to sit on the bench near the trees to enjoy them.  If she can’t come to enjoy the blossoms, I can take the blossoms to her and maybe make her day a little brighter.


And speaking of children…  last week granddaughter Jess was trying on hats from our collection of vintage hats, to see which one she wanted to wear to Hat Day at school.  Grandson Connor had been dropped off very early as his daddy was having hip replacement surgery.   Connor was upset at not being able to find a boy hat to wear, something other than everyday hats.  I remembered I’d pulled out a chullo hat from a trip to Bolivia so that I could copy some of the stitch designs and use them in a chullo hat I’ll be starting soon.  Connor tried it, and it was perfect!




Looking at that smile you can easilly see why it is that children can smile that way. There is a lot of passion in everything they do… they way they experience a shower of blossoms, they way they smile. We can learn a lot from children. 

I mentioned Connor’s daddy having surgery.   Our son-in-law could use prayers and healing thoughts as he recovers from this surgery and faces the next one.  Hip replacements at his age are not common, but we are hoping that once healed he will be able to do all the things he has not been able to do for quite some time, important things like teaching a son about camping and the great outdoors. 

I also mentioned the garden house…  if you’d like to see photos of it so far visit my studio blog, link in the sidebar.


A friend invited me to a concert, we went yesterday. I knew it would be held in a historical church The Park Church, and I thought it would be like many other church concerts I’ve attended, watching and listening to music being performed.

 I was right about the listening part, but not the watching part. After a very brief introduction by the pastor, we listened to MUSIC for ORGAN/VIOLIN for OUR JOURNEY through LENT (Music for Meditation and Reflection). What a unique experience! Not being able to see the musicians on the balcony behind us allowed us to just close our eyes and listen to the wonderful music, meditate.

Music played:

 – The Eight Station (from “Stations of the Cross) for Organ – Macel Dupre – (Jesus Comforts the Daughters of Jerusalem

– Kol Nidrei (Hebrew Chant for Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement – Max Bruch

– Hymn Prelude on Stabat Mater” – arr. By Alan Viner – Largo (from Xerxes – G.F.Handel – Gammal Fabodpsalm Fran Dalarna (Swedish)

– Oskar Lindberg – An Old tune from Dalecarlia

 Afterwards there was a luncheon where we met some of the church members and visitors and learned a little about the church itself. I’m sure I’ll be back in the future.

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