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Each year I lead my discussion group in practices that help us in finding a word ( or letting it find us ) to work with throughout the New Year.

Part of my inspiration for my word came the day my 9 year old grandson was poking through a cabinet and discovered a very old, very large Bible, a gift from a friend who collects antiques. The cover had come off and it cost too much to repair and so I was offered this Bible. I’d put it away to prevent it from falling apart any further than it had. I helped Connor lift it out of the drawer and we explored it. I showed him the beautiful hand painted pages, still vibrant with color. And the pages where families kept track of births, weddings and deaths. We noted how unlike modern Bibles, this one contained a large section devoted to a dictionary giving the original meaning in the original language of many words. It also contained a section on geography, another about the meaning of each book and more. Almost half of the book is information about the time and language and then finally the books of the Bible.

What grabbed my attention the most was the section about the Song of Songs, not the book, but the description of the book. I already had a few words in mind for this year and I found them all there. My work then was deciding which word was mine. And so I reread the Song of Songs.

Listen! My beloved is knocking. ‘Open to me.’ — Song of Songs 5:2

For 2014 my word was RECONCILIATION. It was a busy but fruitful year. But I also spent a lot of time studying, working on things on everyone else’s time schedule. My studio work had come to a screeching halt. My body craved movement and my mind craved being challenged in a more creative way. I need balance.

And so my word is DANCE

And here I am sharing my notes in my journal when I discovered my word.


DANCE! ( Invitation and Delight )

Delight – Beauty goes beyond mere necessity. Grace, gracefulness, graciousness take us beyond mere necessity to a place of delight, even joy. Balance – ” beautiful– In Dance there is balance as well” – Br. Justin

My word is Dance!

Last night my daughter and I observed Winter Solstice and celebrated my mother’s life by participating in a labyrinth walk. Through Advent I have been learning dance movements as prayer in honor of archetypes, the one this week for Mary and my Inner Mother. And this morning in a course on non-violence I practiced a prayer movement. I realized that what all these things have in common for me is the exploration of movement, of creativity of being comfortable with myself and not being concerned with what others think, just moving, being in motion as I’m led to be. To dance with life, to be in flow.

This encompasses words that have been coming up for me:
– Intimacy – my dance with God, with others, with myself
– Compass – being able to come back to focus on my direction and space as I move, my true north.
– Veriditas – Hildegärd, one of my spiritual guides believed that the greening power of God was in everything, a spark, a celebration – Custody – owning my movements, being true to what I feel
– Vision – Being able to see the dance in everything and explore it. – Balance – physical and spiritual balance
– Yes! – Just do it!


I feel God whispering … Come dance with me!



”My BELOVED speaks to me and says, arise…and come AWAY with me.” Song of Songs

DANCE feels like that invitation

to MOVE…….. to WALK …… WANDER…… WONDER at all things….a PILGRIMAGE……….. to explore praying with my body…… a walking meditation…DELIGHTING in creation… observing…. and making poems and ART reflecting my delight in creation…. an INVITATION… to take the Words of my BELOVED with me…. BREAD for the journey…….an invitation to meet the STRANGER who is me and the one who is on the road … bless her or him (and me) in whatever way seems appropriate…. for a whole year…..

The phrase that embraces all of these words, that is choosing me is
AN INVITATION TO DANCE ….my response, I hope, is a resounding YES…. I look forward with joy to discovering the meaning of this invitation to dance for me in the year 2015.


After writing this, about my old word Reconciliation and my new word Dance, the next morning I received in my email, an inspiration that included this:

“Reconciliation is much more than a one-time event by which a conflict is resolved and peace established. A ministry of reconciliation goes far beyond problem solving, mediation, and peace agreements. There is not a moment in our lives without the need for reconciliation. When we dare to look at the myriad hostile feelings and thoughts in our hearts and minds, we will immediately recognize the many little and big wars in which we take part. Our enemy can be a parent, a child, a “friendly” neighbor, people with different lifestyles, people who do not think as we think, speak as we speak, or act as we act. They all can become “them.” Right there is where reconciliation is needed. Reconciliation touches the most hidden parts of our souls. ”

Our old words are sometimes something we continue to work with long after the year is over or occasionally we just need a reminder of what we learned in our year with our word.


So now I have my word, what shall I do with it? I’m going to Dance!

The first image is of a collage card I made for an Epiphany retreat.

The image below is one that someone shared with me. I don’t know who to credit it to, wish I knew. But, this is what I was doing this morning, dancing in class with other women …. Ok, so maybe we weren’t dressed this way… but we danced!


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