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This summer was a busy one with lots of fibery events on top of home, family and garden activities.

Some fiber related events …

On Sept 8th, the Benjamin Patterson Inn  held their Whingblinger Heritage Festival.  I went as a visitor, but also to help a friend set up, this being her first time spinning flax.  I loaned Sue my Ashford Elizabeth wheel for this event as it fit the setting more appropriately than her Louet.  She did very well and produced a nice skein of flax.  Funny thing, I’ve had several people ask me if I sold my wheel, they’d seen my wheel at the festival, recognized it because of the dogs and flowers scene painted on the treadle. 


Granddaughter Jess went with me and took part in the many kids events they had there.  She sewed a mop cap, played a marble game, shucked and cracked corn, spent an hour in the schoolroom, made a felted necklace and bracelet, took part in the vegetable hunt.  When I asked her which had been the most fun, she mentioned one thing, then changed her mind, then changed her mind again, couldn’t decided which one she liked best.  We really enjoyed ourselves! 



Grandson Connor was also there, not as thrilled with the day as his older cousin. It was a hot day and there really wasn’t much for a toddler to do but sit and watch.

The next day I went to the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival.  I didn’t take my camera and so no photos.   I purchased a new WPI tool as I’d lost mine (I found my old one 2 days later) and some very springy Bamboo yarn.   It was a nice festival but so close to the Fingerlakes Festival and with many of the same vendors and so I doubt I will go back to it next year unless I go as a vendor. 

On Sept. 15th I went to the Fingerlakes Fiber Arts Festival at Hemlock NY.  I’d entered a few things in the skein and garment competitions and headed there first before visiting the vendors.   I didn’t do as well as the last few years (last year I earned a Best Garment ribbon) but I can’t complain as each of my things did earn a ribbon.  From the comments on the cards the judges liked my spinning and knitting, but didn’t care for the colors.  The red project bag I’ve used for most of the past year and a little worn, came in first place in its category.

I was really pleased to see that a young lady, Rosie,  in our guild earned several special awards for her first skeins.  I’ve been giving her tips on spinning and fiber prep, helped her with tagging and describing her skeins before sending them in.   Someone else took photos of her entries.. I’ll get them up when I get the photos.

But, the big surprise was Sis’s shawl winning several special awards.  The shawl was at my house and when I sent in my entries, I filled out a form for Sis and sent in her shawl as well. I hadn’t told her I’d entered it so imagine her surprise when I called to tell her the shawl had won several awards.  At first she had no idea what I was talking about.  Now she’s thinking about working on some new things.   The yarn for the shawl was dyed at a workshop at the festival in a previous year and then I showed her how to use the triloom to weave the shawl.  It is a beautiful shawl, will need to take a better photo of it. 

As usual there was lots to see and buy at the Festival. I only bought a few things, but could easily have bought a lot more if I didn’t already have so much at home.   I got to spend time with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and at the end of the day sat down and worked on The Big Sock.   

As always the guild hosting the festival did a great job with everything. I’ll be back next year!   

More recently there was Farm Days at the Mall.. 

Several guild members participated in spinning demos for 3 days. Our goal was to support the local farms and historical organizations and also to hand out fliers about our new guild, generate some interest.  Sunday was a slow day but Friday and Saturday brought a steady stream of visitors with lots of questions and attempts at spinning and felting.  We met a lot of interesting people and some potential new guild members.  I took my Great Wheel, garments and skeins to show and my little Gem wheel.  While spinning and talking to people doesn’t seem like a lot of work, I was pretty worn out by Sunday evening.  No more demos or festivals for a little while as I am busy with getting the new guild off the ground and working on updating blogs and website.



I have been meaning to update my blog with a more cheerful post.   However,  many of you have personally met Karma, our silly, spinning, goofy girl and so I wanted to let everyone know that she is suddenly gone.   She appeared to be very healthy and happy until she suffered a series of seizures and didn’t recover.   

She will be missed… 

Karma puppy   Karma teen


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