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While out shopping the other day, we spotted some colorful mud boots and raincoats in sizes that would fit our toddler grandkids.  They were such a good deal that we brought some home with us. 

Connor was the first one to try his on.  Both the coat and boots were a little big, but he’s a growing boy.  His coat has a dinosaur on the front and one on the back and he looks so cute. 

connor raincoat


A new grandson!  His name is Jacob, frowning as he has gotten a hold of his clothes and pulling them open.  Three days old in the photo and already getting into trouble.  *G*   

Jacob 3 days

We now have 4 grandsons,  Joseph, Marcelous, Connor, and Jacob.

We also have 3 granddaughters, Jessica, Justine, Catalina.  We need another granddaughter to even up the numbers… (hint for Tina and Joel)

I couldn’t take a photo of Jacob without taking one of Jessica who is 6 years old and getting prettier every day. 

Jessica 6 years

And while uploading the photos, I found a photo that Tina and Joel haven’t seen of 19 month old Connor when he was here recently.  He was having a snack while singing along to Sesame Street, wearing the slippers grampa bought for him, the sweater I made him and in the little rocking chair that he likes so much. 

Connor 19months

I love yellow roses and they were mom’s favorite also. Every time I see yellow roses I think of her.

I noticed this morning and a nice surprise is that the yellow roses of last night were replaced with green ones today.  Well, not really, but I was surprised when after pouring myself some coffee, I looked over at the dining room table and saw green roses instead of yellow!

A closer look shows that they are actually yellow fading to a yellow green, a new color to me.   While I love yellow, if I had to live with only one color, it would be green.   I didn’t quite capture the colors right, they are actually pretty soft, but here is a photo of one slightly bruised but beautiful rose.

31st rose

The mailman delivered a box yesterday and in it were some goodies from Cindy Y, who is my Life Overflowing partner.   She sent me a nice basket  with red accents and stenciled hearts.  Inside the basket was  a cup which will replace a favorite blue and white one I dropped and cracked a few days ago. Also a box that says Love is the Little Things We Do with candy inside. And  a box filled with double dipped mint treats, I couldn’t resist having some right away as I really like mint dipped in dark chocolate.  

Thank you Cindy, the heart theme was just perfect since my wedding anniversary is tomorrow!


And that wasn’t all the goodies from friends, sweet Lynn sent an anniversary card and a book, I love them both.

And another friend, Denise gave me a gift of another kind, she loaned me her folding spinning wheel so I could try it for a while.  She thought I should be sure I liked this type of wheel before I purchased one.   What a nice thing to do. Thank you Denise for trusting me with this little Gem..   

No, not a vacuum for dogs or even one especially for dealing with dog hair, but a dog as a vacuum cleaner. 

I had a case of butter fingers while putting away a container of dog food and several pounds of the food shot out when it hit the floor.  When I picked up the container, I realized the amount of food missing in the container did not match the amount of food on the kitchen floor.  The food blends in with the floor but you can see it on the rug, doesn’t look like much.  The bottle on the floor is Yogi’s arthitis supplement which I keep in the container so I don’t forget to give it to him daily. 


Then I heard crunching.  I’d already put Krystal and Gizzy in the den to prevent the princes from beating Gizzy up in order to hog all the food herself.   So, I looked down the gated stairs to my studio and sure enough there was dog food down the stairs and Yogi looking up at me.  I’d already fed him, but I checked and he hadn’t eaten his food yet. 

I picked  up most of the food from the floor in the kitchen, down the stairs and side door hall, and in the living where it had also landed, and then let Yogi help me find whatever I missed. 

He took his job very seriously, cleaned it all up.  *G* Good dog!

doggy vacuum 

And in case you are wondering, Yogi’s eye looks a little better after a week on the eye-drops, less irritation and the prolapsed gland slides back in easily, but won’t yet stay in.  Hopefully another trip to the Vet can be avoided.  

A while back I posted photos of a pocket purse on my old blog.  I’ve had quite a few people ask me about the pattern, but just as many were curious about what was in the bag.  I finished the project in the bag a while ago but just today got around to taking photos of it.   I’m reposting photos of the bag and adding photos of the blue in the bag.

Bag in progress,



Inside the bag – Pattern Heartstrings Hanging Vines – Divine Laceweight merino (both in stock on my website).  I’d already used part of a skein for a scarf, but still had enough to make the Wide Scarf version of the pattern, with yarn left over.   I love this pattern and plan to make a full sized shawl and also a throw using the instructions included in the pattern.  


Valentines Day brought the first real snowstorm of this winter.  Picture postcard pretty, but it made for a bit of work.

View of our side yard.   In the middle of that space is a small weeping cherry tree with two bird feeders hanging from it.  We forgot to pick up more bird food and so they are pretty low.  The snow comes up to the bottom of the park bench under the river birch, so we can either shovel a path to the feeders (the cats would like that) or trudge through the snow to fill them.

Valentines day snow 1

I checked around and saw that the Holly and other shrubs still have berries and seeds for the birds to eat, so they do have food.     

Holly feb snow

And then there is this…  Look closing at the lamppost in my front yard.  I wrapped the slippery post with a rubber like fencing so that the clematis has something to grab on to.  The squirrels have decided I put this there just for them and are always storing food inside the light unit.  Right now there is a slice of bread in there. 


Snow in the back yard and dog yard to the right.   Note how high the snow from clearing the deck is.  A couple of years ago, my little stinkers discovered that if that snow gets high enough, they can just squeeze through the bars and slide down the hill to freedom. 


Yogi’s visit to the Vet went well, if you don’t count a Pit-bull lunging at him.  Now, I love all breeds of dogs,  each one has a purpose and each one can be an outstanding pet and family member.  

However, sometimes the owners of some pets have no common sense.  The owner of the dog that lunged at Yogi was very thin and small and was not as strong as the dog, nor had properly trained him and from what I could see, believed that smacking around his dog was ok. 

That goes right up there with the lady walking her dog on the river at the end of the street, regardless of the fact that the river isn’t completely frozen over.  The dog was just running around all over the place…

And the lady walking her 3 dogs down the middle of our street and on what looked like 20 foot leads.  The dogs kept running in different directions, up to porches, wrapping themselves on bushes, mailboxes, etc.  Every time the dogs would get tangled or block a car from passing, she would start screaming at the dogs, which had no affect at all.     


Anyway….  by the time we went inside, Yogi was shaking, but behaved himself well. The Vet stained his eye and could see the cornea was not damaged and from the green dye leaking out his nose, could tell that the tear duct was functioning.  She elected to treat the eye for infection to see if the prolapsed gland recedes on its own. Surgery will be the last option.  I’m praying this works.  My poor little dog really has had enough trauma in his life.  

Well, maybe not so little dog.. he weighed a whopping 26 pounds.. that is huge for my dogs, but he isn’t fat, just a big boy.

 A lot of people have met our dogs that have been involved in competitions and pet assisted therapy.  But some have not met Yogi, mainly because he prefers to stay at home and sometimes a little nervous around strangers.

This Yogi.  I took this photo this morning while he was very impatiently waiting for Dad to get up and come downstairs.  Tired of waiting and whining at the bottom of the stairs, he settled for the best thing, laying near Dad’s old slippers to take a nap, toys always close by.   

Yogi 11 years waiting.

He is 11 years old and as can be seen, a one-eyed dog.  Double eye infections, ulcerated corneas and secondary glaucoma, caused the loss of one eye, but the other was saved.  Now, after all these years, he has cherry eye – prolapsed gland of the 3rd eyelid. 

Tomorrow, Monday,  he sees the Vet.  I doubt it will be a relaxing visit for anyone… can you tell I’m stressing over this already?

Doggy prayers would be appreciated… 

I tried to convince him to chew up Dad’s slippers so he’d be forced to get new ones, but he wouldn’t do it, not even for a biscuit. 

Btw.. Singtuck means Lion cub.. In full coat, he certainly looks like one.  We keep him short cause he likes it.  


One of the ladies in our knitting group has been destashing, selling off needlework and other things she no longer wants or has room for.   I saw this and thought it was beautiful. I’ve done a lot of needlepoint myself and so I know how much work is involved.  I’m hoping to mount and frame it soon so I can put it up. 

Bless This House

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