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27 people showed up for the coiled basket workshop I organized for Saturday as part of the Women In The Arts month celebrations. A few were guild members who came to help me, the rest were students. It was a busy, busy day but it was fun and pretty much everyone went home with a finished project. The events organizer asked if my guild would like to participate in the indoor ‘street festival’ as part of the closing ceremonies the next day. I didn’t want to do it, having done the workshop and others couldn’t on such short notice.

Saturday evening… off to a house warming party…. even though I really wanted to stay home, tired from the workshop. It turned out well, new home blessed and a glass of wine shared with friends.

Sunday, made it to chapel at the monastery, but yawned through it and through the lecture afterwards. Came home planning to take a nap when my daughter showed up because we’d made plans earlier in the week to do some needed shopping together. I didn’t get to rest till after going to Compline at the monastery. I went to bed determined not to commit to doing anything not already planned this week.

And so I had a dream… I’d been invited to join a group, a project or job but refused thinking they couldn’t possibly be serious because I wasn’t exceptional in anyway. The next day someone asked how I could refuse something never offered to anyone and I came up with a few excuses. Then I saw my reflection in glass wall and realized I was making up these excuses because I was afraid of failing at something new. I woke up as I set out to explore the possibilities.

I stayed home to catch up on a few kitchen tasks and studio cleaning. Found a studio sample while looking for something else. It is a piece I did as part of a fiber fusing exercise. Not meant to be an art piece, the object was to see how a variety of fibers and fabric fuse together. I used wool for the bottom layer. Topped it with jersey t-shirt material that reminded me of lattice. I’d woven some of my hand painted yarn through the openings and added a piece of my pre-felt. After felting the yarn reminded me of vines growing up a trellis. For me the door represents opening and stepping out to see what is beyond, but it also represents safety & shelter. The yarn trellis reminds me of the need for a guide… or a rule… training… studying….

Opening my email later, I found an inspirational message about softening, expanding, being open to possibilities.

Received another message later along the same lines.

Looked at the calendar and realized I’d forgotten it was a feast day that will be celebrated in many churches and also at the monastery nearby. The Annunciation of the Lord. It reminded me of a discussion during Lent last year, about being asked to do or be a part of something and being able to say… ‘Let it Be’.

Pondering today’s messages…


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