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I finished the mitten garland barely in time to use it as an advent calendar for the grandkids.

Since I’m still settling into my new space and didn’t have enough of the same type of hand dyed or hand spun yarn, I decided to use 6 different colors of yarn sold in the gift shop at Mt Saviour Monastery.

When the mittens were done, there was enough yarn left over to use 2 or more colors together for small projects. I’ve been experimenting with the linen stitch and how to get nice decreases and so I practiced while making several hats. Below is a green and yellow hat, not shown is a similar hat in blue and white, and a grey, white and red cloche.

There wasn’t enough time to embroider numbers on the mittens so granddaughter Jess made a tag for each one while she was here for Thanksgiving. Today grandson Connor had a day off from school and stopped to pose while attaching the tags to the mittens in the right order. While doing so he suggested colorful little candy canes would fit just right in the mittens.

The only hitch in the project was not thinking through how I was going to attache this to the stone mantle in the living room. Couldn’t come up with a solution so I strung them across the fireplace in the upstairs studio area.


Granddaughter Jess was here for the weekend and looking for something to do. Since I’ve been meaning to update the blog, I asked if she’d like to help with it.
I explained what a blog is, how I use it to let friends and family know what we’ve been up to. The time change this weekend, got us to thinking about adjusting to changes and so we chose that topic. What she came up with was a list of what we miss from our old home and what we enjoy in the new one. I added a little to her list.

Home is now a 2 story, 1 car garage, colonial style cottage. A big difference from the 3+ stories with 3 car garage, garden studio and large garden. Instead of looking at a fence and neighbor’s house from our back deck, We now have a view of trees, river, hills.

What a monumental job it was to get our old house, garage and studios all cleared out for the new owners and to dig up some plants to bring with us. What we weren’t keeping we had to find new homes for.

What we miss…
– the gardens, particularly the Yoshino cherry trees, the weeping cherry, the river birch, the apple tree that had finally started bearing fruit and a few others. Also the many flowering perennials left behind. (I’m pleased that at the age of 10 she remembered the names of many of the plants)
– mourning doves and other birds in the garden.
– kitchen with professional equipment and the space. The kitchen here is incredibly itty bitty but functional. (She mentioned lots of things in the kitchen, it was her favorite room besides the studio)
– the garden studio and patio nearby where friends and family gathered.
– the huge old tree in a neighbor’s yard that we decided looked like the tree of life.
– quiet furnace
– grandkid’s swing set and playhouse

What we are enjoying in the new home …
– smaller garden space, enough for what we need to grow and room enough for dogs and people to enjoy. A Forest Pansy Redbud tree (my birthday gift) and a new spruce which will be decorated for Christmas
– friendly neighbors with similar interests
– watching the sunset
– sunroom where the floor loom now lives
– deck with lots of seating
– extra guest room and bath on the second floor
– extra kitchen on the second floor.. great for guests and studio work
– nice studio space on 2nd floor (including space for her to work)
– fireplace on each floor.
– watching the herons, ospreys, eagles and other birds, along with an occasional deer. (she keeps binoculars near the windows)
– great big windows facing south for indoor plants. Even though it is very cold outside today, a variety of tropical plants are thriving.
– just a few minutes from the monastery
– that our 12 year old dog Gizzy no longer has to navigate stairs.

This new home is not a new house.. it had been neglected. We’ve renovated the sunroom, fixed the roof, replaced the carpet with hardwood floors and have used lots and lots of paint. The outside of the house needs painting, that will wait till Spring, along with adding more perennials, starting an herb and dye garden. So more changes are coming.

Not house related, but changes we thought were important…

We lost our dog Tara to cancer.. we are thankful she was able to spend time here where she was able to snuffle along and check out all the interesting new smells outdoors.

3 of the grandchildren started Kindergarten in September.

Jess is learning to play the clarinet.

A lot to get used to. But like my orchids, thriving with new buds, after having dropped all their blooms during the transition, we are settling in.

I look forward to opening the house to friends and neighbors for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In bright colors, on a plaque on our door is a prayer and blessing for our home and guests. “Peace To All Who Enter Here”

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