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Grandson Connor watches very little tv at our house, but he does watch a couple of shows geared for preschool kids and such.  One of his favorite is Little Bill, a little boy who is learning about people, situations and the same kind of things Connor is learning.  Recently Little Bill, participated in a play for the preschool parents and suffered a bit of stage fright.  The play was about Springtime, the kids singing ‘ Spring is here, spring is here, it’s the best time of the year….. and then each child sang his part.  Connor likes that particular episode but doesn’t quite understand what Spring is.  I’ve been telling him that trees grow leaves, flowers start to grow, etc. Not yet three years old, he doesn’t quite understand but he will.

Unfortunately our weather has been such that we aren’t seeing as many signs of spring as we normally would.  We’ve seen robins and other usual birds associated with spring, the smaller birds checking out the bird houses, too cold for nesting, but nothing wrong with reserving a room, right? The tips of daffodils can be seen poking out of the ground and also a little growth of the Irises, everything else is just shivering waiting for the mild weather and warm sunshine we should be having about now.

While it doesn’t look like Spring, the other day I saw a sure sign that it is indeed here, came home to find that the ravens were back and trying to rip vines and twine off my fences.  This is a yearly event, they come, tear things up a little, leave and then come back occasionally to perch on the tall fence enclosing one side of the dog yard, to glare down at the dogs.  As they are larger than a couple of my dogs, the dogs don’t like it, we go out with the dogs and chase the birds away.  By summer we see less of them till next spring.

So…. what do you do when it is too cold, wet and windy to be outside, but the grandkids have time off from school and spending extra time at gramma’s?  We play indoors!

Jess jewelry making...

Yesterday we set out trays of beads and tools on the table near the long window seat. We can enjoy the sun there without having to be out in the cold.  I taught granddaughter Jessica how to wrap wire around beads and a couple of other tricks and she kept herself busy for hours.  She really picked up the wire wrapping technique really well. She said she wants to become a jewelry designer, I told her she already is.

Hmmmm maybe I should teach her how to make stitch markers…


where the heart is…

Marcelous bird house

Our grandson came to visit, gave us this birdhouse that he made himself and then made himself completely at home as if his last visit had been the day before. Even though we haven’t seen him in years and he was a little boy then, he remembered our garden and love of things handmade.    This birdhouse will have a special place in our garden, just as our grandson has a special place in our hearts. 

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