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I set the kitchen clock on the porch counter to get a good picture of what the temperature was yesterday. The numbers on the bottom right corner show the outside temp. It went up a few more degrees a little bit later. I’ve not heard if we broke a local record for highest temperature in February, but if not, we had to be close.

With the sudden increase in temps I encountered wasps in the enclosed porch. That ‘gun’ in the image is actually a bug vacuum I found for my grandson when he was a small boy. He no longer uses it to capture and examine bugs and so it now has a second life as what I use to capture bugs and release them outdoors.

The weather yesterday was a delight for those longing for warmer, sunny days. While walking down a road towards the monastery chapel I noted caterpillars and other wildlife I don’t remember ever seeing in February. I passed a guest sitting in the sunshine and he mentioned how wonderful it was to have this spring weather.

Not wanting to spoil his visit and his enjoyment of the warm weather, I continued on my way thinking … it would be nice to have this weather, if only it was spring. We are however in the middle of winter when freezing weather is the norm and in the season of rest and growth that isn’t visible to the eye. If we stay in warm weather too many days, fruit trees and many more things will suffer when things freeze up again. My thoughts as I walked were… for everything there is a season.

I was reminded of the book I read this fall, along with a group that meets weekly. The book is by Joan Chittister and it covers the topics below..

A time…

to be born

to lose

to love

to laugh

for war

to heal

to sow

to die

to kill

to build up

to embrace

to reap

to weep

to refrain from embracing

to gain

for peace

for every purpose under the heaven.

So much of what was going on in the fall and winter, the elections, the media, and constant noise seemed to be things reflected upon in this book. If you have not read it, I recommend it.

Noisy times require times of silence as a balance, I welcomed the colder weather when the hard to travel roads or freezing temps felt like a good reason to stay in and get some projects done. I’m pleased with how many things I’ve ticked off my list. Some are art and textile projects, others retreat planning, and writing projects.

One of the projects is a blog for those of us who are oblates of Mount Saviour Monastery. I have the pages set up, am working on the introduction and then hopefully it will be ready to launch in a week or so. What is taking me so long is that I’ve been reading everything I could about the founding of Mount Saviour and some of the first oblates. There is a lot I didn’t know and I’m enjoying exploring it all.

As for the weather, today it has been raining hard on and off. I went to chapel, then to practice tai chi and then enjoyed a chair massage before having to prepare the main guest meal at noon. At mid afternoon it was 43F outside, getting closer to where it should be. While yesterday’s walk in warm weather was enjoyable, the rain today is comforting. We’ve not had enough precipitation this winter and the sound of the rain against the windows nearby makes it easy to concentrate on reading and writing, and when that is done, a nap while listening to raindrops may be a good thing.


My simple woman’s update is posted on a separate page…  you can find it in the link above..

and a teaser….

While I have posted very few things on my studio blog lately,  it is mainly because I’ve had little time for photos and descriptions.    And with Christmas and Rock Day so close I still don’t have a lot of time for getting photo colors just right… I may just wait till after Rock Day to work on it… 

I did take a quick photo this morning of just a few of my many batches of silk top available, some dyed using natural dyes this summer.  Here are  4 different batches of silk top that can be used for spinning, blending or other silk work.   One of the solid colors was done with a walnut dye, it is absolutely yummy! The sage green ( color is off in the photo) was done with my purple and black daylilies.   The other two were done with commercial dyes.    Using my plants for the natural colors was a lot of fun…

Simply Divine Silk Top

Simply Divine Silk Top


Outside my window… It is very grey and blustery… feels like January … brrrrrrrr!

I am thinking.… About a son whose Birthday is today…

I am thankful for… a warm house. I did my 2+ miles this morning on my elliptical trainer, just too cold for walking or jogging outdoors…

From the kitchen… Hot pizza! With lots of cheese…

I am wearing… Thin layers of clothing, hand knit wool sweater, hand knit wool socks.

I am creating… Fiber batts for spinning and felting. Also working on personal notes to tuck into Christmas cards.

I am going… Nowhere, it is a good day to stay home and catch up on reading, spinning, knitting.

I am reading… Lots of things, mainly articles in magazines, online, doing a bit of research on several topics.

I am hoping… To hear good news about several family members.

I am hearing… Dogs barking… Our littlest Lhasa, Star likes to exercise her lungs as well as her legs when she is let out. Why is it that the littlest ones are so often the ones that run the show? Silly girl.

Around the house… Granddaughter Jessica says we are beginning to look like a library with the bathroom and laundry room being the only rooms with no books. Can one ever have too many books?

One of my favorite things… Someone gave us a collection of booklets of old paper dolls, uncut. Some are actually paper teddy bears. I remember playing with these types of dolls as a young girl. When I flipped the booklets over to see how old they were, I found the author/artist at the time lived less than 2 miles from us. I hope we can find out more about the person who created them.

A few plans for the rest of the week: sort out a yarn order that arrived today, finish my brother’s throw, start the guild newsletter for December, play with the drum carder, visit the museum in Corning…

Here is picture thought I am sharing…


To read more about The Simple Woman’s Day Book, visit her blog.

It has come to my attention that many who visit my blogs, have not noticed that there are pages to the blogs.  tsk tsk

On this blog the page links are at the very top and catagories are in the sidebar.  Only the front or home page scrolls with updates.  The other pages are fixed pages, filled with more permanent information, they change only when I add new info/and/or delete old info.  These pages will have content pertaining to a particular topic. For example, the Lhasa Apso page will have only Lhasa Apso Dogs related things.   All of the pages will always be a work in progress as I will add info and photos when time allows.

The catagories will give you a selection of posts that mention a particular subject.  For instance, if you click on the dogs catagory,  you will get posts from the home page, about dogs, but also with other content included because sometimes they are mixed posts.  Please note that the header has changed.  I’ll be changing the header frequently with photos of things in my garden or other interesting things.  While at the moment, everything is covered with last Friday’s snow, soon these yellow tulips will be coming up.   

Nothing is so cheery as the sight of those large yellow tulips blooming in the garden gate bed.  It won’t be too long now!   


So here I am… trying this new blog.   I have been looking for a blog with pages so that I can keep some things up and not have them archived.  For everyone that has followed me here,  thanks for putting up with my blog moves while looking for just the right new blog home.  I’m unpacking my boxes, this looks like home.  

The post below have been imported from my previous blog. 

A glitch in Blogger switching from old to new version has made it impossible for me to post updates on the ‘A Life Overflowing’ blog and so I’m posting my updates here.

In this group we are paired up with another person, round robin style. Partners are to pray for each other, keep in touch and since this exchange has a coffee/tea/drink theme, we are to gift our partner with items we believe they will enjoy based on info they’ve supplied.

The most recent request or assignment is to post photos of our favorite cups.

Here are some of mine ….

A gift from daughter Tina, porcelain with ming style cobalt design, comfortable to hold, nice and big.

A gift from friend Lynn L. If I’m reading, counting stitches, whatever and someone starts talking to me while the cup is close by.. I only need to lift it or point to it and they understand to give me a second to finish counting or reading.

I think there needs to be cups that say. Shhhh.. I’m thinking… or maybe just Shhh I’m _________ and then one can fill in the blank .

A gift to myself… note the little dragonfly and garden theme. A nice stoneware cup for maintaining the temperature of the drink it holds.

A gift from Sis. Just before she gave me this, someone had greeted me saying Feliz Navidad!

Spanish was my first language, but I grew up in the states and so English is my main language now. Sometimes I’ll hear an English word or phrase and not understand it cause I’m listening in Spanish … and the same with Spanish phrases…. does that make sense? *G*

When this person greeted me.. I thought.. what did they say about fleeces? Duh! And then I realized they were wishing me a Merry Christmas.

I live with a pack of Lhasa Apsos and this Lhasa puppy print caught my eye, bought it for my den. Later a friend gave me this cup. When I got the cup I thought, this looks familiar. It wasn’t till I set it on my desk one day that I realized why it looked familiar.. *G*

Yes, I know, it’s not a cup. But you have to have a creamer right? This cute little staffordshire creamer caught my eye because it has dahlias on it and Mom loved Dahlias.

Mom, known to family members as Mamita, also loved roses.

Before she passed she told me she wanted me to have her china cabinet. I spent many hours as a child making sure things in there were dusted. Along with the cabinet I brought home some pieces with roses. The cup on the far left was a gift from Lynn L and it just fits right in.

The tiny little cup in front was one I gave Mamita as a gift. She like miniature things. The saucer says. “I love you, Mom”.

Also in that cabinet are some of Mamita’s art deco cups.. I don’t dare use them for fear they’ll be damaged.

Packed in a box are my grandmother Catatlina’s tiny cups. I didn’t have a place to display them safely and had packed them away and only just remembered that I had them. Now I can put them in the cabinet with the others.

Why a new blog?

I needed an easy way to connect a personal blog, a studio and my website. Blogger allows me to login and choose which blog I choose to update easily. And it lets family and friends peek at my studio blog to see what I’m working on, without my having to post ‘for sale’ items on a personal blog. I’ll be adding a link to my studio page, website and other sites of interest.

You can visit my old blog here Garden Of Eve

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