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Lambing season has started at Mt Saviour Monastery. At last count more there are more than 100 new lambs and counting. I check in on them every day and Saturday took a grandson to see the lambs as I’ve been doing every year. The last few years he has become aware that not all lambs are born easily or even survive. When we arrived this time we found two new lambs, one in distress. He looked at the lamb and sighed.. oh it will die. He can be such a little pessimist at times. But the lamb, thanks to his good shepherds rallied and so did the second lamb and so did Mom. Today I visited them and all were healthy.

In the photo is my grandson climbing out of the nursery pen where he was busy playing with lambs picking out the lamb he wanted to take home. When informed that the lambs really preferred to live with other lambs, without missing a beat he exclaimed… Ok… I’ll take two!


The piece below was my response to a Monastery Of the Heart poem prompt for April that my Wednesday ‘Stepping Stones’ group worked on. We could write about what someone said or what someone told us. Because it was Holy Week some chose to write about what ‘Jesus Told Me’ or something similar…. I chose the Dragonfly…

What The Dragonfly Told Me

That God doesn’t like Ugly
That I need to finish what I start
That sometimes I am the ‘somebody’ that has to do it
That a ‘seed’ needs water as well as sun to grow
That I should give thanks for the nourishment I receive
That sweating is sometimes necessary for cleansing
That green is good
That mom was with me in the sweat lodge
That it is time to look beyond illusions, to the path of transformation
That being flighty is not the same as being a free spirit
That change can be very good
That practice can be joyful
That dreams are messages
That I only need to ‘listen’ to hear God’s voice

Note: the dragonfly means many things to me. It represents my mother. It is a reminder for me to pay attention.

I have written some ‘palm of the hand’ pieces about dragonfly encounters. I also talked a little bit about a particular encounter in a blog post in August of 2009….

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