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It is still very cold, snowy and icy outdoors. Indoors however it is warm and I am grateful. I am also very grateful for love shared and for the blooms that bring color to grey days. Roses along with several of the orchids and other indoors plants in bloom all help make winter days feel a little bit brighter.


In response to messages I have received… Here is a photo of the loom after it was disassembled, moved into my studio and reassembled ….

Because it is custom made there are no instructions on how to assemble it and I worried just a little there would be ‘extra parts’ when we finished. I’m sure many are familiar with the ‘extra parts’ problem when there are no directions for something… but it is done and it is beautiful!

And as requested… photos of a hat I mentioned in a previous post…

And Yes… I do know I used the same photo in two different posts… What can I say? I really like that image of the ice floating in the water. When I came upon it while walking along the river bank I thought ‘what a magnificent sculpture ‘… created by the Master Artist…

And … before anyone asks…. Yes, really, I do use the snowshoes… ; )


When we are out of focus, we are out of kilter, off center. We have wandered away from our sacred hearth.

Hearth means Focus in Latin. I thought about this last night as I sat near the fireplace. I’d come home from meeting with my Wednesday monastery group, put things away, attended to a few tasks and generally went about doing this and that, busy, busy.

But, the moment the logs in the fireplace where lit, I settled down. I sat for a while watching the flames, thinking about what new thing I’d experienced or learned that day. Moments experienced because I paused long enough to notice.

Spring is around the corner. I have a garden to plan, seeds to purchase, preparations to be done, retreats and meetings to prepare for. But last night’s cozy fire and the snow outside my windows, like a soft blanket, are reminders that we are still in Winter, fallow time, time of rest. And remind me to pause often in order to be focused and to try to find the balance of moving through my day mindfully while working on upcoming projects.

The Simple Woman’s Daybook


Outside my window… from my studio window seat I’ve been watching an occasional cat walking on the frozen river. When I see one I go out and call to it. It takes a while for one to figure out where I am from such a distance but once it sees me it will run back to the bank. Yesterday it was a large dog out on the ice…

I am thinking… On the partially frozen river is no place to be. Where are the owners of these animals?

I am thankful… for a warm home, that although my furnace is a bit too loud, that it works and for fireplaces that add additional warmth.

In the kitchen… there is fresh baked sourdough bread and fresh baked Rugelahs

I am wearing… the thickest wool sweater I could find. It is too large on me but it cost me a whopping $3 at a church sale. Even though it is a man’s sweater I bought it because I knew I could wear it at home over layers. It is a treasure.

I am creating… warm hats. My husband says they look like the old leather football helmets. They remind me of the hats my brothers and other boys wore when we were kids… you know the ones where you could pull the earflaps up and buckle them into place.

I am going… no where.. already ran some errands this morning, because a snow storm is predicted tomorrow and I needed to do some thing this week. Well… maybe I will be going to the monastery for Vespers or Compline tonight.

I am wondering… How much longer will the river be frozen and will the breaking up of the ice cause a ‘boom’ as it did last year, shaking the house.

I am reading… The Dissident’s Daughter

I am hoping… That I don’t have to cancel my monastery group this week due to weather as I did a couple of weeks ago when the wind chills were – 20 ..

I am looking forward to… real snow. Not rain/ice/slush/sloppy stuff… but real snow so I can try out my new snow shoes.

I am learning … how to say no more quickly

Around the house… all is quiet

I am pondering … how to spend the afternoon

A favorite quote for today…
Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing;
God only is changeless.
Patience gains all things.
Who has God wants nothing.
God alone suffices.
St. Teresa of Avila

One of my favorite things… to sit and watch the birds from my window. We’ve had dozen of blue jays along with many other birds coming to our feeders.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish a few projects, Meet with a group of women. Go snowshoeing!

A peek into my day…

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