“Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.”  – John Galsworthy

Often people ask me how I picked the name Goya as my kennel name.   Mom was known by family and friends as Mamita (little mother),  but  her real name was Gregoria (it sounds nicer in Spanish) and her nickname was Goyita or Goya.   Mamita was a pet lover and whenever she called and asked about the kids, she also asked about the dogs.  I always assured her that neither the kids nor dogs were starving.  *G*  She left us a few days after Yogi was born.  I adopted her nickname as a tribute to her, the most wonderful woman I ever knew.

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Some of the Lhasas, some no longer with us in body, but with us in spirit.


Karma (Ch. Everglo Bo’s Karma) – October 23, 2001 – September 18, 2007 –      Our last champion now that we’ve retired from dog showing.  I’d hoped to have her certified as a therapy dog as she was a good dog at home, in the ring and at the nursing home.  Very pretty girl, mellow, but not too bright.    She is the puppy in the Spinning Karma logo you see on website and other places.  When she was excited… she spun in a circle… Photos show her as an adult and puppy.   Note that in one of the photos she is wearing braids.. this is how we keep the dogs neat and comfortable when they aren’t in the ring, with braids or ponytails.   The hair can get quite long, floor length or more… Karma managed one day to get her braid caught on a garden fence and her braid was so long that she nearly strangled herself trying to twist herself loose.  Shortly after she finished her championship, I trimmed off her braids..

 new-image.jpg d-karma-at-the-show-2.jpg

hpim0771.jpg d-karma-ist-day-2-16-02-3.jpg


Star (Lamel Star Attraction) –



Tara (Goya’s Diamond Solitaire)

  Tara baby   Tara - 6 weeks

 Tara nursing home Tara 21 monhts


Gizzy (Ch Goya’s Court Jester) 3/6/98 – Gizzy is a total mama’s boy, loves everyone including the residents.  The name Court Jester comes from the fact that he will dance and clown around for the residents at the nursing home, sometimes being quite silly.  The first photo shows him after he place third in nonsporting group, first time either of us had competed in group competition.  Then at a show waiting his turn.   As a puppy posing with some of the teddies I make.  And as a baby.. he is the farthest one to the right… Lhasas like to sleep on their backs, Gizzy still likes to sleep this way especially if he can find a cool hard floor.  While Gizzy has been going to the nursing home since he was 8 weeks old, at first with his mom, Molly and  grandmother, Lila, he is not certified as a therapy dog. A big dog incident at a dog show left him fearful of big dogs and so he wouldn’t be able to pass that part of the therapy dog test.  Still, he’s brought smiles to many over the years and still loves to do so.  

 Gizmo show 48307757103_0_alb.jpg

64966757103_0_alb.jpg 10876757103_0_alb.jpg


Goya’s Yogi Singtuk – 12/17/1996 – This dog came into our lives just a few days before my mom’s death. Back from her funeral on Christmas Eve, we were faced with a less than 2 week old puppy rejected by his mother.  She sensed something was wrong and she was right.   The Vet clinic suggested we have him put down, but I was emotionally unable to made that decision so soon after a family death.  No one thought he’d live long and if so that he’d be blind.  Yogi did eventualy lose one eye but can see pretty well.  He lives to get treats and play with his toys.


Dafni (Bearly An Angel Dafni TDI) – March 1, 1996 – June 13, 2006 – Lila’s granddaughter.  We were a little stunned when we lost her just 2 months after losing Lila.  Smarter than her grandmother but with the same wonderful temperament, losing confidence only in the last couple of months.   She earned a few obedience medals, was a favorite for Junior Show Handling, was involved in pet therapy for 9 years, starting at the age of 8 weeks. Most importantly, she was a great companion, easy to live with, and like her grandmother, liked by friends and strangers alike.  The photos show her,  as a puppy, at a show, waiting for her therapy dog testing which she passed with flying colors and with Lila, her constant companion.

Dafni swing dafni show

dafni tdi Lila and Dafni


Lila ( Chiquita Lila De Evelyn) July 17,1991 – April 12, 2006 = our first Lhasa, named after an exchange student from Peru.   In her first year, she went to work with me and our cat Lucy,  every day.  The residents came to think of her as her own.   When we moved, she continued with pet visits on a weekly visit and enjoyed them till she was about 12 years old.   Lila was never very bright, but she was very sweet and never gave us a moment of trouble. She gave us several generations of champions and therapy dogs and turned us into the real dog lovers, we are today.     The first photo shows her at about 10 or 11 years old.  The second photo shows her as a puppy with Lucy in the background.

 Lila 10 years old As a puppy with Lucy