Today Terry Hershey wrote in Sabbath Moment, about the beauty of imperfection and the art and practice of Kintsugori, the Japanese art of using gold to repair broken pottery. The repaired piece is more beautiful than before it was broken, what I like to refer to as being ‘perfectly imperfect’. Terry’s writing reminded me of the last yearly Keys retreat at Mount Saviour Monastery, in which I led a workshop I titled ‘Broken Open’. As part of our discussion and exploration, the participants repaired broken pieces of pottery using gold as one of the materials.

This is the piece I repaired, choosing not to close it completely. It now holds paintbrushes and sits where I see it daily, a reminder of the meaning.

Perfectly Imperfect or Imperfectly perfect?

And today would have been my father’s birthday. In his last years he suffered from serious illness and it was in his brokenness that I came to know him differently, a blessing out of all the pain. And in a way, the pain caused a crack in my hard shell of protection and anger. It helped me offer forgiveness and caring in a way that brought healing to our relationship.

If you’d like to read Terry’s reflection on the topic of Kintsugori, you can do so here….