One of the things I love about living where I do is being able to watch adults and children in a peaceful surrounding. This photo is one example. I watched the man help the boy find a good spot for fishing and then help with his fishing pole. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but even from a distance I could sense how special that moment was for the boy. I wish I knew who that boy was so I could give him a gift of this photo.

Yesterday a friend in a group I facilitate told me she saw a boy and older man walking down the street holding hands. As the boy walked and talked he swung the hand that held the older man’s hand, back and forth. It was the movement of his arm that caught her eye. She realized the boy was her grandson, who is also my grandson and the man was my husband. She described it as a sweet picture. Her smile as she described them reminded me of this photo.

Today my thoughts are about what we leave behind, our legacy, as Ruben and I attend the funeral of a friend.