June is proving to be a busy month, full of gardening chores, birthdays and other events in the midst of a kitchen remodel.

My main projects this month are 2 quilts in memory of my great-grandnephew baby Savior who died in a house fire almost a year ago. I have taken bits & pieces of his salvaged clothing, added some new materials and joined them with leftover cloth from monks robes to make the quilts for his parents. It is slow going, but I’m honored to have been entrusted to do this. I hope Savior’s parents find some comfort in the quilts.

Things to celebrate …
Summer, warm weather, long days… so many blessings..

Our oldest granddaughter turned 14, and then our oldest grandson turned 19, they grow up so fast!

Distracted by my project I completely forgot the Summer Solstice labyrinth walk held at a nearby church. I try to go every year. I became a benedictine oblate on summer solstice and it is between the ‘grands’ birthdays so one would think I wouldn’t forget.

Today, it is my son-in-law’s birthday and we will be going to celebrate with him in a bit. But, it is also the 3rd anniversary of the Stepping Stones monastery group. Hard to believe we are starting our 4th year of weekly gatherings.

A photo shows some of the bits and pieces I’ve fused onto fabric squares cut the size of the squares cut from clothing. Although the pieces have been fused, I’m tacking down the edges by hand so they don’t fray.

I’ve taken my work outside and sitting where if I look to my right I can see people fishing and kayaking down the river and where if I look to my left, I can see the hummingbirds and orioles taking turns at the feeder. It makes stitching bits and pieces together just a little bit easier.