In a previous post, one about the Key retreat in May, I mentioned dedicating the retreat to Robert Genn, an artist who taught me a lot about words.

I learned of Robert’s passing the day after I learned of Maya Angelou’s passing. Two teachers, different in so many ways but also similar in many ways. They created art that spoke to everyone who experienced it. But more than anything, they shared their knowledge with others, guiding others, helping them to grow. I watched a video of Maya recently and I laughed right along with her. I love her sassiness as she recites something with a bit of attitude. And every day I use Robert’s gift, the gift of key words. Both remind me that sharing our emotions, and our willingness to be vulnerable can be a gift to others. And I’m also reminded to watch my words, what I say to others.

I was thinking of Robert Genn and Maya Angelou yesterday as I walked around my partially demolished kitchen. We are in the middle of renovating it and we had to move the refrigerator. On one side of it I have hundreds of magnetic poetry words needing to be removed and moved to the other side of the fridge. I wrote about these words in 2010 when we were preparing to move.

Just like before I’m having a hard time removing sentences and poems left by others, expressions of love, deep grief, spirit, and also silly sentences. I’ve given grandson Connor the job of moving each tile, but found myself reading and moving some of the sentences intact. Our family experienced a deep loss almost a year ago with the death of baby Saviour and I believe deep loss often calls for deep grieving. Some of the words are not ready to be put away just yet.