I listen for my word
Nothing comes forth
Then I hear Spirit whisper
Easing into solace  in community
Greeting the silence
Reading,  praying, walking, singing
Inspired I listen with the ear of my heart
The word emerges …  Integrity
Integrity is the word that has chosen me this year.  I feel the weight of it, I embrace it.
It wasn’t what I’d chosen,  I had a list of words that I wanted to work with, easy words.
Others not so easy, but that came to mind while reflecting on the past year.
Courage … which was my word for last year, still kept tapping me on the shoulder.
Aftermath …  a word that described much of last year.   Good or bad, it seemed that much came abruptly, uprooting what was familiar to me and others.  In some ways, I have been the one doing the digging, uprooting.  I hope most of it has been good, that I have shared my light with others. But it didn’t feel like a ‘word’.
Community … so much growth, so much more needed in the way of forgiveness, sharing…
Immersion, conversion … both words that I explore often as a benedictine oblate and with a group I facilitate weekly at a monastery.
When I wasn’t expecting it my word found me…
Integrity … It calls for me to let myself be seen. Its speaks of wholeness, truthfulness, quality …  and so much more.
A little over a year ago I participated in a 3 day fiber fusion workshop.  In the workshop we experimented with fibers and fabrics, working up samples and learning what works really well so that when we create something we know we have done it well and that our work represents who we are.  A few of the participants were disappointed with not having come away with a finished project, but I was very happy with what I came away with. For me the workshop was not about fibers, textiles or form.  It was about Integrity.
While on a break during that workshop, I wandered the grounds and found a labyrinth and while walking thought about what I was learning and how it applied to my work.
A few weeks ago I walked a labyrinth nearby, celebrating Winter Solstice and in memory of my Mom on the anniversary of her death.  I was open to a new word, not remembering my thoughts on that other walk, until my word chose me this year.
Why now has this word come to me? What will it bring?
And…  in case anyone is wondering about my goals/intentions/call them what you will for the coming year….
Plant seeds
Plant earlier
Deadhead frequently
Water well
Stop and gaze at the blooms