Sorting out my papers this morning, I ran across my September theopoetry which I titled Sea Oats.

I decided to go out and take a photo of the Sea Oats before it dropped all of its seeds. As I did an Eagle soared through the river valley.

Sea Oats

At the edge of the garden
where the river bank begins,
a visitor stands
looking over the water

Today the water flows gently
carrying graceful geese.
And as they pass the herons,
together perform a water ballet

The visitor looks up
as an eagle soars,
through the river valley,
dipping to the water

Colorful boats
make their way
past the sandbar,
bobbing along

Crafts so small
compared to those
where the visitor
is from

A seagull appears.
Watching it
the visitor longs for home,
by the ocean

Where the water
moves with the tide,
rising and falling,
making waves

And where
the warm sand
gets between your toes
gritty, yet familiar

Sea Oats wonders,
Will I ever go home
to the sand and the waves,
the sun setting over the water?

Or is this,
where I am now,
where I’ve been planted,
my forever home?

Sea Oats looks around
at her garden companions.
She would miss them
If she moved

Each in her own way
has become a member
of her community,
her family.

She lifts her arms
to the sun piercing the mist,
feels the breeze,
hears the eagle call

Sea Oats decides
she is no longer a visitor.
In this river valley,
She will spread her seeds.