Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. At Mt Saviour Monastery the monks and others were blessed and in the old way, ashes were placed on top of the head rather than the forehead.

I could write a lot about the significance of the ashes and why Lent is 40 days, but instead I’m sharing a photo taken today.

A friend is moving from her home with the beautiful lake view to a new home in town. The new house is charming, with neighbors, no view, but manageable for this season in life.

So today, we have hauled away that which is no longer useful. Sorted through things to be gifted or packed. And then sorted papers and magazines. Some things will be recycled, but personal papers were burned in the fireplace.

Afterwards I noticed ashes had spilled out of fireplace and unto the tiles I like so much and was reminded of the ashes I received the day before. My friend came to look and said "Renewal" as if she’d read my thoughts.

While she is sad to leave this place with the gorgeous sunsets, she is looking to the future, a time for change.