Prompted by the poem Aimless Love by Billy Collins I thought about all the little things I love to do during a typical day. Simple things that I enjoy so much that at the moment I’m experiencing them think there is nothing I love more…. but the next moment there is something I love just as much. Many of these things not possible if I didn’t live where I do.

I am enthralled by the candlelight by which I pray each morning,
then a while later by the shimmering reflection of the moon on the water,
and again by the sunrise as I savor a cup of coffee.

A simple breakfast pleases me so
I eat slowly as I watch and listen to the song birds
as they enjoy the offerings at the feeders.

Old dog wags his tail wildly at my touch
dancing in excitement
like the puppy he once was.

Morning tasks done
house tidy
front walk swept.

In the garden watering
blooming, growing, thriving
dirt under my nails.

Up in the studio

Stopping to sit at the window seat
the view from the windows
the river valley.

Below squirrels chase each other
up, down, around the tree that grows through the deck
where I visit with dear ones on fine weather days.

Further below the feathered synchronized swimmers
stopping to feed in the shallow spots along the river edge
bottoms up!

Sometimes a glimpse of
colorful kayaks and simple canoes
bobbing along downstream.

Or people fishing
passing on to the children a simple pleasure
their parents passed on to them.

Brave crows
chasing the eagle
taking refuge in the old sycamore tree.

After lunch more work/play
listening to music
singing, dancing.

Long walk before dinner
connecting with neighbors
garden views.

After dinner prepared by another
time for reading/ writing
or short drive to the monastery.

Evening vespers or Compline
Monks singing, praying
Candles in the crypt.

Blessings before bedtime

I love being Home
I am grateful