Maybe getting up at 4am every day has finally caught up with me and I’m just tired. Or maybe it was the poem prompt ‘Aimless Love’ that got me to thinking about different types of love. Or maybe it is because another anniversary is around the corner. Whatever the reason, I found myself tearing up as I watched Gizmo and Krystal this morning.

He will be 14 soon, she is 12 and they have lived together for 11 years. They are the same breed, Lhasa Apsos, both champions and there the similarity ends. He is a mama’s boy and a sweetheart. She is nobody’s sweetheart except maybe Gizzy’s, cause there is little he doesn’t love. He was never afraid of anything, she has always been afraid of everything. He was a therapy dog for more than 10 years, visiting nursing homes was his greatest joy. She seems to think humans are here to serve her. When I’d come home, he’d happy dance all over the place, she would check to see if I had something interesting and then stick her nose in the air and go away. Opposites.

Over the years he has put up with her antics. When they were young I’d let their hair grow to floor length. Often when Krystal was bored or feeling naughty she would grab Gizzy by his ear or hair and drag him. Gizzy would let her, laying on his back sliding across the floor, just happy that she was paying attention to him. I’d tell her to let him go and she’d give me a measuring look as if to gauge how long it would take me to get to her from where I was so she could drag him a little further.

Old age has crept in. Gizzy is blind and a little confused. Krystal has a few aging problems. He’s become a little insecure and will shake when afraid. She has mellowed only slightly.

This morning Krystal wanted to go out around 5:30. I told her no as she keeps pushing her ‘go out’ time a little earlier each day. They go out together because I like that she sees and hears what he can’t and since she isn’t brave, will bark at anything strange in the yard or down on the river bank. And so not taking my no for an answer… she went over and looked at Gizzy in his bed and who would rather sleep in, nudged him and nudged him again. A few more nudges and he finally got up grumbling and shaking. Successfully getting him up on her schedule, she came over and looked at me boldly as if to say… Gizzy needs to go out.

I watched them as I let them out.. she off to see what trouble she can get into but looking back to see if Gizzy was following.

I took a photo of them when they came in. Krystal is the one in front, afraid of cameras or anything that makes a clicking sound she bolted as soon as I took the photo. Gizzy in the background is trying to figure out what is going on. His ears pulled back expression is one we see a lot now but he is still a sweetie and still happy dances when anyone comes in the door.

They are sporting recent haircuts. They’ve known the groomer since they were puppies. Gizzy loves her and although now frazzled by car rides and noises, he did well. Krystal on the other hand tried to bite her.