I have a second kitchen in my home. It is upstairs, next to my studio space and I use it mainly for studio work, for extra equipment and for snacks and drinks for guests. It has a south facing high window and a skylight and at the moment it resembles more of a greenhouse than a kitchen, a variety of tender plants wintering over in that space.

Among other things, there are 3 Amaryllis bulbs in pots that I bought in from the cold sunroom downstairs. I got them going too late for Christmas blooms but they are growing nonetheless. One is ‘apple blossom’ and I’ve been watching it struggle to bloom for weeks now. Yesterday I decided that if it didn’t unfurl its petals because of lack of sun or lack of care on my part, it would be enough that it survived and multiplied as I can see by the tiny new plant in the pot. I stopped fretting over it, grateful that it shared my space and just let it be…

And so I moved it from the kitchen and put it where I could see it from anywhere in my studio, which is my favorite space in my home. When I came upstairs this morning I was greeted with this.