While working on a sample basket for a workshop I’ll be teaching soon, I was reminded of something I read recently in a book about writing practices. The writer compares walking along a straight line and walking along the spiral. You are moving in both cases but in one you also go round and round in a circle.

Practicing anything is sort of like walking that spiral, you do the same thing over and over but learn something new and thus move forward every time you repeat the same thing.

The photo is of the basket finished yesterday. It is less than 6 inches across and while it is time consuming, I really enjoy working on this type of project. There is no way to rush the process. It is worked in spiral fashion, 1 wrap and stitch at a time.

I used yarn sold in the gift shop at Mount Saviour Monastery, soft enough for wearables but sturdy enough for this type of project where the tension is very tight and where I want it to hold up to a lot of wear, because after all, baskets are meant to be used.

Note: 12 year old Krystal was trying to get my attention so I could let her out. Bossy little thing!