The title of this post might suggest a hat for a Poodle or a hat made of Poodle hair. In reality it is a hat made of wool from a Blue Face Leicester sheep name Poodle, one of the monastery sheep.

I started using some of the monastery fleeces for projects about 5 years ago but keep forgetting to take photos and add them to the Monastery wool project page. I’ve just completed a hat and remembered to take a photo of it.

Poodle is the only dark sheep among all the white sheep and so her fleece is always in demand. I was fortunate to get some of her fleece a couple of years and again last year, hoped to have enough for a thick sweater but her last fleece was quite small and I doubt there will be another since she is an old gal now. So, I decided to make some hats and other things and give them to those who might like to have something made of her fleece.

Here is one of the hats, a simple sack hat. After knitting it, I washed it and I could see a distinct change in color and texture when I finished one skein and started another. I often sort out fleeces by shades of colors to use in color patterns. It is visible in this hat but not enough that I noticed it when I knit it. I really like that it is unique, soft but will stand up to a bit of abuse. I hope the recipient likes it as much as I do.