A friend and I were talking about this the other day. A person who is Directionally Challenged is a person whose Inner Compass is out of whack for some reason. Some people are born this way and it is sometimes first detected in young children who just can’t seem to figure out their right from their left without some visual aid. Later it is apparent in people who have trouble with directions, reading maps, etc. These are the people who seem unable to find their way out of a ‘paper bag with both sides open’, or that can turned around in a parking lot.

Other people have this onset later in life and it is sometimes seen as a sign of failing health, memory, dementia, etc.

This has suddenly started happening with my blind dog Gizmo. He’s been doing really well with smelling his way around or following someone’s voice or a sound. Now when he is called or hears a sound he will turn around quickly and go in the opposite direction.

It means a bit of stumbling around, everyone having to watch that they don’t trip over him and we are getting more lessons in what it means to be patient with those who are having a difficult time but still able to enjoy if not pushed to do more than they can do quickly.