Was too busy enjoying the great hospitality, food, and fellowship to remember I had a camera nearby. Thus only a few photos..

I helped someone master the art of spinning on a Great Wheel also known as a Walking Wheel. If you see this being used in person you quickly understand why both names are appropriate.

And I helped someone get started with weaving … here is a bit of her weaving using yarn leftover from other projects. Not bad at all for a first project.

One of the things I like about teaching is when my students pass along what they know to others. The spinner in the first photo helped someone else get started on a more traditional wheel later in the day.

And lastly, a ‘thank you’ gift from someone I’d connected with a couple of years ago at an earlier retreat. She brought along an old wheel this time. We tweaked it and I gave her a good push down the slippery slope that is fiber arts! These warm and comfortable felted wool slippers made from recycled sweaters are almost too pretty too wear…. but wearing them I am, grateful for the thoughtfulness of others.