Visited some favorite websites today and noticed there haven’t been recent updates. It occurred to me that they are probably doing the same thing I am … too busy savoring summer to work on blog updates.

A lot of my time is being spent with grandchildren. Along with sleeping in, swimming, camp and just being kids, they are tending the garden right along with me. Jessica has been given her own space and she made a sign for it. I asked her what she thought were the most important things to make a garden grow and she put her answers on the back of her sign.

This summer is one of many firsts. The first full summer in our new home and so the first garden attempts here. Also the first time we’ve had a grandchild living with us. Interesting because this happened after we moved to a much smaller home.

Another first is the beginning of a Monasteries Of The Heart community. Our group meets weekly at Mount Saviour Monastery. This isn’t about this particular monastery, it is a group some refer to as a ‘monastery without walls’ for people who want to live a more meaningful life. Using the Rule of Saint Benedict as a guide, we are exploring subjects such as Prayer, Silence, Hospitality and much more. During our meetings we share readings, poems, personal writings, books, etc. It is a good thing! Photo shows our meeting room at the monastery.
A family member suffered an injury recently requiring family members to take turns staying with them since they are unable to care for themselves. While there on one of the visits I took this photo of Seneca Lake from the deck.

And this photo… just because… I’ve yet to establish proper garden beds but here and there things are blooming. I’d transplanted some clematis vines from the old house to this one, they are growing but there isn’t much in the way of blooms this year. The one in the photo was one I found here last fall while pulling weeds around a shrub. I recognized the leaves on the tiny vine as those of clematis. I added compost and mulch to that area and added a trellis to prevent people from cutting through the shrubs and trampling the tiny vine. To my surprise two different vines grew this spring, the larger of the two grew up the trellis and around a post.. has large leaves and the flowers shown. The other vine is shorter but bushier and covering the trellis.. just starting to form buds.. an autumn bloomer I think. Just like the children, plants flourish with a little TLC.