black caps1

Call them what you may….   the photo is of ripening black caps otherwise known as black raspberries.  And yes, it is too early for berries… but since it is planting season.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people find my blog while searching for info on growing berries, but also looking for info on why their berries have changed in color or taste resulting in something different than the original plants. I’ve discussed berries in posts for several years now but don’t know if I’ve tagged the post with a category so here goes some new tips.

Before moving to the area we live in now we cared for hundreds of berry bushes, sold them via a stand at the end of the driveway and to local markets.  One of the things we quickly learned is that if you have different types of berries you do not want to plan them near each other.   If you do you may end up with some hybrids that may be delightful but also some that may be not so delightful.

We’ve had berries that didn’t quite taste like blackberries nor raspberries,  some that were a mix of black and red caps, occasionally with the best qualities of the two.. and some that tasted so bad only a few critters would touch them.

How far apart to plant them?  I’ve read somewhere 100 ft.  But, I don’t know for sure.  My advice is to do a bit of research and plant in different areas.  If you have a small yard as I do now, choose just one and stick with it.  I have a few black caps here, seedless and I’ll be encouraging those to spread.  If  bear, birds or deer don’t get to them first I hope to have some to enjoy for 4th of July.