For the last few weeks I’ve been checking on the progress of new lambs whenever I go to the monastery.  Sometimes there were only a few ewes and lambs in the pens, other times there were many.  Last I heard there were close to 200 new lambs and lambing season was just over.  Granddaughter Jessica went with me one day and took most of these photos.

Ewe with twins
Ewe with triplets
Jess says this is her favorite photo. Br Pierre carrying a lamb.
A ewe not sure where she wants to go and looking for her baby
How to coax a ewe to go where you want her… carry her lamb so she’ll follow.
Ewes trying to sort out which lamb is which. Somehow they manage.
Lamb peeking through the pen
Took this photo of a very sleepy lamb with my phone.  It kept trying to look at us but couldn’t keep his eyes open.