While Easter is not about new clothes, candy, nor colored eggs, it is usually around this time that the weather is warmer, allowing us to celebrate and play outdoor and wear new spring clothing.   We’ve had much rain the last couple of months.. more than twice what we normally do for the month of April, but it was just warm enough to spend some time outdoors.

Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs.  The kids did theirs by dipping their eggs in food coloring which resulted in very bright and colorful eggs.

I experimented dyeing eggs using patterned silk fabric. One of the  photos show the eggs wrapped in the colorful fabric and then another layer of fabric to prevent the colors from touching the other eggs. I forgot that blown eggs want to float in water and so I put a trivet on top of the eggs to keep them submerged while dyeing.  The next photo shows the finished eggs. The colors and patterns didn’t end up as clear as I liked but I think not too bad.

While the eggs dried we went to Mt Saviour Monastery which is a few minutes away to see the lambs.  Jess took quite a few photos and so I’ll show them in the next post.

Saturday evening we went to Easter Vigils and Rosie’s Confirmation at a nearby church.

Sunday  up at 3am for Easter Vigil service at 4 am and then breakfast at Mt Saviour Monastery.  Then home in time for an Easter egg hunt before the kids went off to church with my daughter.   Jess, being taller had an easier time finding her eggs.

I had to smile when I saw what Connor was wearing for Easter.  Don’t know where he got the shirt, but is it called a Guayabera in Spanish.  It is often worn in place of a shirt and tie in Latin American countries and tropical islands.  My Dad, Enrique used to wear one and my sons wore them when they were little.

At Easter dinner Connor asked if  he could say Grace.  At 5 years old his prayers wander a little and can get long but we don’t mind at all.