It has been said that "Home is where the heart is" It has also been said that you can tell a lot about a home by the refrigerator, what is in it … but also what is on it.

On our fridge you will find a small calendar, a small note pad, a few fave restaurant magnets, emergency numbers, recent photos and current artwork from the grands and such. But the largest thing is a heart composed of words. The words are part of a magnetic poetry kit I picked up at the Albright Knox Art Museum years ago. Since then I’ve added magnetic words from other sources.

When family and friends stop by they can start a sentence or add to one. Eventually someone will remove one to fit another within the heart or make the heart larger to fit in more. I think it says a lot about our home and about the friends and family who come here.

I started to take down the things on the fridge in order to pack them and before I removed all the letters I decided to take a photo… just because.

You can see one of the sentences… "Mother I felt you under my feet" … That appeared after my Sis, my daughter and I went to our boot camp retreat last summer… ‘mother’ refers to ‘earth’. And we did feel it move… individually, yet together. I really like that message, and the memory of a special time with two women I love dearly. And so it has been untouched.

I’ll be setting up a new heart on the fridge in our new home… and looking forward to more gifts of words.